Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Five Methods For Deafeating A Horde Of Undead Ducks

Guest post by the hilarious Myra McEntire.

1. Play this. I double dog dare you to watch the whole thing and not have your brain melt from the awesome. But make sure the Undead Ducks watch it, too, or they'll slurp your brain up off the floor.

2. A turkey fryer. They aren't just for Thanksgiving anymore. (Although I don't recommend you eat the duck. Well, unless you shove a chicken inside the duck and then shove the duck inside a turkey. That Paula Deen, she taught me all I need to know about Turducken. And butter. Also cream cheese.)

3. Run them over with a golf cart. Ducks seem to naturally gather around the water hazards on golf courses. I expect if they were looking for BRAAAAIIIIINZZZZZ a golfer would be a good choice ... no wait. Never mind.

4. Flaming arrows. Distance, as well as fire. It's enough to make a Cullen sweat.

5. Show them this. I don't really need to explain, do I? And you can blame C.J. when you need to bleach your brain. She's the one who sent it to me.

*is busy revisiting her breakfast the hard way* Yes! I admit it! I did send that to Myra once for motivational purposes. But, dear reader, I would never have subjected YOU to it. Never.

Thank you, Myra, for the entertaining post! Did you miss out on last week's giveaway of Myra's fabulous debut novel HOURGLASS? Don't worry, I've got you covered. This week, I'm giving away an incredible necklace designed just for HOURGLASS by the talented Tashina Falene (check out her shop!).

I love that the hourglass is real, and you can spin it around the clock face. This necklace was designed specifically for HOURGLASS and is the only one of its kind! There are many ways to earn extra entries, and the contest is open to North America. To enter, please fill out the form below. The contest is open until 8 p.m. Central Time Monday, June 27th. Good luck!


  1. What a great prize!! I love unique pieces like this. I'm reading Hourglass now - can't put it down :) Thanks CJ!

  2. Don't enter me, but OMG, my brain did melt after that video :)))Great post and thanks for a much needed laugh!

  3. Finished "Hourglass" yesterday and I couldn't put it down. It's is my one of my all-time favorites! I LOVED it and cannot wait to read more from the Hourglass world. Highly recommend!
    Check out my review -

  4. Wow, proof positive they've been making 'ballet dancer can really get down' movies forev ar!

    Really can't wait to read this book! Any hey, undead ducks, I think I can take em down... geese? I don't know.


  5. Ahhhhh! I loved this post. Made my lunch break :)

  6. OMGOMGOMG. I'M SO EXCITED. THIS IS AMAZING. DYING TO READ HOURGLASS. LOL. Yes, my brain totally just melted. LOL. Love this! :D

  7. That video...that photo... I... I will never get these precious moments back. That necklace is MINE!!!

  8. LOVE that necklace! Bring it on

  9. LMAO.

    I somehow missed the title of this post ... it made a lot more sense once I scrolled back up to see why we were talking about ducks.


  10. LOL!! This post....scared me a little :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. OMGoodness!! That video was just too much LOL Seriously between the interesting fashion of the 80's and the scary Richard Simmons video I need to scrub my brain.

    Very fun post as always Myra, now about that necklace.....

  12. You had me laughing at the video, cringing and scrubbing my brain with the Richard Simmons picture and wishing I could keep the necklace all to myself. XD

  13. But I won't, of course!! Can't wait to see who wins the necklace and loved the post!

    (accidentally pressed the post button too soon!)

  14. This is the craziest post I have ever seen! Love the necklace!

  15. Now, if only you could get Richard Simmons to break dance while making a Turducken and shooting flaming arrows at golfers. THAT is the ultimate weapon!

  16. this is pretty freaking epic.. I MEAN OF COURSE IT'D BE, because It's you and Myra. and wanton, OH YES IT WOULD.


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