Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday

1. How is it August already?

2. Not that I'm complaining. My boys go back to school in a week and a half.

3. And while that turns this week's To Do list into something that would make a weaker woman cry, it also heralds the return of structure and schedule.

4. I'm ready for that.

5. If you're reading this, and you're a writer, my monthly column is up today at Romance University. I discussed ten ways you can raise the stakes in your book and make your conflict matter to the reader.

6. I'm also hard at work writing a handbook for the querying process -- from the moment you start researching agents to the moment you receive a call from an agent wanting to discuss representation. I estimate releasing the handbook in e-book format in early October.

7. I've now spent eight hours doing back to school shopping, and I still have one kid left to take to the stores.

8. My loathing for back to school shopping is well documented.

9. All those crowds? All those people letting their cart block an entire aisle because if they don't, you might find the last purple folder with both brads AND pockets before they do?

10. They make me crazy.


12. Not that I've ever actually threatened a fellow shopper with cannibalism.

13. I save that for hospital personnel.

14. I will do my best not to threaten, maim, or send anyone to their eternal reward on my last trip through the stores, but I make no promises.

15. I've read some truly amazing books lately. Most of them aren't yet available for purchase, BUT I've lined up the authors for interviews and giveaways when their books release and you will thank me for it.

16. Because these books are good.

17. I've also seen some great movies in the past couple of weeks. I highly recommend Cowboys & Aliens and Captain America. Honestly, Harrison Ford's performance in C & A is one of the best of his career. Amazing.

18. Sadly, I think that's it for this blog post. I'm feeling both un-funny and a bit overwhelmed at the list of things I need to accomplish today.

19. If you click through on the links I gave you, however, you can still have your laugh at my expense. :)


  1. Enjoyed this CJ. Both humorous AND informative.

  2. Oh, just saw Cowboys and Aliens. Thought it was beautifully done!

  3. Back to school shopping becomes much easier once you get them all out of elementary school. I managed to avoid the folder aisle all together, though finding college ruled composition books was difficult. All but one of the boxes at Walmart contained wide ruled ones - and our kids don't even go back until Sept. 1st.

  4. When I turned 16, my mom made me take my siblings with me to do school shopping. I thought she was just trusting me with her credit card, but it turns out I was doing her a big favor. Thanks to that, I now hate shopping carts.

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