Monday, August 8, 2011

I Can Have Naps Now, Please?

1. The cat pictured above?

2. That was me all last week.

3. Why? Because poor Baby J was teething and that equalled five nights in a row of about 3 hours of sleep a night for me.

4. It killed my brain.

5. Killed it DEAD.

6. I'm still not 100% sure it's been fully revived, but I have way too much to do to wait around for something like coherent thought to arrive back on the scene.

7. Besides, it's sort of debatable whether I actually had that in the first place.

8. When I don't sleep for long stretches like that, two things happen. Well, three including the brain death thing, but I've already covered that.

9. First, my fibromyalgia decides to play havoc with my nerve endings, so pain has become a constant companion recently. It will subside soon.

10. Second, my (no longer coherent) thoughts run in very strange loops.

11. At one point last week (around 3 a.m.), I decided I had an amazing plot for a new book.

12. It involved ostriches with super powers.

13. You can see where there might be a few marketing dilemmas for my editor.

14. And because I've only had two nights of sleep to balance the five I went without, the idea still sounds vaguely appealing.

15. I tried Nutella for the first time this morning. (Mostly because I'm meeting Beth Revis tonight for the first time and naturally since she tried to kill me with Nutella earlier this year, I'm bringing her some. Payback! Sort of . I don't actually expect her to die.)

16. Nutella is delicious, but I was instantly suspicious. It was TOO delicious to be the healthy alternative the commercials claim it to be. I checked the label.

17. The first ingredient is sugar. There are 21g of sugar per 2 tbsp serving as opposed to 3g of sugar for the same serving of peanut butter.

18. *sigh*

19. Which means even though I now ADORE it, I can't have it very often because sugar inflames my fibromyalgia too. And because I don't want to have to buy the next dress size up simply because I've developed a Nutella addiction.

20. Before you decide my label-reading, abstaining-from-sugar self is boring, may I remind you I plotted a book where OSTRICHES HAVE SUPER POWERS?

21. Yeah. You put a cape on that baby, and see if he couldn't stop criminals in their tracks.

22. I rest my case.

23. Tune in Wednesday for another fabulous author interview and a two book giveaway!


  1. I feel your pain. Baby Q was up for an hour from about 2-3 last night due to teething pain. THe poor baby. Every time we picked her up she'd settle down and conk out on our shoulder, and if we put her down and rubbed her back she's drift off, too, but if we stopped touching/soothing/rocking her she'd scream.

    I think this is payback for her not having colic?

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your sleep issues. Lack of sleep is one of the things I hate most in the world.

    My kids had no frosting when they made me a birthday cake this year so they covered the entire cake with nutella and sandwiched it with peanut butter :)

  3. Ah the joys of teething. *heavy sarcasm*
    My sleep-deprived brain runs in similar circles so I can identify. This usually leads (the circles, not the empathy) to my husband slowly nodding his head as he backs out of the room.

    Took the kids to the zoo the other day. There were llamas. Thought of you. ; )

  4. I wonder if you could do homemade nutella with less sugar or some sort of substitute:

  5. I hope those teeth push through soon...

    That ostrich picture is scary! they hiss and bite...

  6. Oh my,an Ostrich with a cape, that sounds so cool. You must at least make it a new interview character, if you don't create a book out of it. Oh, and I did the same thing with Nutella. My kids love it on pancakes, but dang it's got a lot of sugar.


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