Monday, September 12, 2011

Zombie Body Parts For The Win!

1. As you can see from the pic above, Johanna is pretty territorial about her milk.

2. Either that, or she's demanding cookies.

3. It's been a while since I did a list.

4. Mostly because I had some awesome giveaways to post last week! Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for Rae Carson's GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS and Gretchen McNeil's POSSESS so don't miss out on a chance to win these fabulous books!

5. Starshine has decided to write a book. He asked me what he needed to do before starting, and we discussed building characters and thinking through major plot points.

6. He now has a notepad and is filling it with facts about his main characters. It's fun to see his eyes light up as he comes to tell me "Hey, Mom. I just figured out this character is afraid of rodents!" or "This character was in foster care." because I understand completely how the little pieces that make up a character slowly find their way into your brain and become a fascinating discovery every time.

7. Speaking of which, the main character in the next trilogy I plan to write is now sitting up and making herself known with all the finesse and subtlety of a megaphone.

8. So ... I'm now researching her and working on the world-building details of that trilogy on the side even as I finish polishing up DEFIANCE and get ready to write book two.

9. Some things I've researched lately (either for DEFIANCE or for the new project): homemade batteries, Manga, robotics, grenades, pheremones, and Hello Kitty.

10. My brain is a really strange place to live in sometimes.

11. I'm off the to eye dr this afternoon.

12. You'll recall that the second to last time I saw him, he dyed my eye the color of cow urine right before I was going to meet my agent for the first time.

13. And the last time I saw him, he rolled my eyelid up with a stick whereupon I promptly gagged and reflexively kicked him in the never-you-mind.

14. So, today should be interesting.

15. I'm coming in armed with attitude.

16. I'm pretty sure he'll be wearing catcher's gear.

17. I've decided my lawn is boring.

18. It's nothing but grass and the occasional tree.

19. As I have zero aptitude for growing things (and indeed have steadily decreased the number of shrubs around our house either by lack of care or pitting them in a cage match with the lawnmower in which they showed a regrettable lack of ambition and fortitude), I'm thinking I need lawn art instead.

20. Maybe a lawn gnome.

21. Who is guarding a patch of zombie limbs climbing out of the grass.

22. And a giant metal llama standing near our driveway as if to say both "Hello" and "I Shall Spit Upon You If You Are Selling Something."

23. So far, my hubby is sold on the zombie limbs, but nothing else.

24. I'm also thinking I will plant plastic flowers. It will add color. I won't have to worry about bees. And no amount of neglect will kill them.

25. These are the thoughts that take precedence in my head when I stop plotting stories.

26. *goes back to plotting stories*


  1. I recommend rock gardens. No plants, just rocks. Lots of rocks. All different kinds of rocks, just tossed into a sort of smoothed off area. You can pick them up on vacations! Or at that place down on Neopolis. Well, clearly I recommend the gnomes as well, but mostly rocks.

  2. It's pretty much the perfect time of year to find zombie limbs. :D Just saying...

  3. Just don't get bird baths or anything else that holds water because that brings mosquitoes...lots and lots of mosquitoes.

  4. I want the llama with the sign. It would be awesome if he had a water feature, that really spit on people. But, only salesman. And only if they are rude. Or when it's hot.

  5. Love the pic. And I second number 10. My brain is a strange place to live sometimes as well. :)

  6. Its only the kids who are pure in their heart and mind. Thank you for the post

  7. And here I thought no one would one up Grandma and her silk flower garden.

  8. I think there is actually something you can order that looks like a zombie emerging from the ground... Thank you, back pages of the catalogues they put in airplanes. XD

  9. Johanna is so cute. I can't believe my own little baby just started high school. It goes so fast!


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