Thursday, October 6, 2011


Photo courtesy of the talented Brooke Shaden.
The pic isn't my cover, but is an image that reminds me strongly of Rachel, the heroine in DEFIANCE. My cover reveal won't be for a while longer. :)

But I do have some pre-release stuff to discuss. First of all, if you're a book blogger, a reviewer, or a librarian, there is a page at the top of my blog where you can fill out a form to request an ARC of DEFIANCE. Harper Collins has the final say in where they send the ARCs, but I thank you so much for being interested in reading my book. *hands you a cookie*

I'm currently working on putting together a list of ideas for things to use as prizes around my release date. I'm also working on a list of possible swag I might get for book signings. But with this in mind, I'd like to figure out how best to invest my funds. That's where you come in!

If you regularly buy YA books, enter contests for YA books, and/or go to book signings for YA books, would you please answer the following questions for me? *hands you MANY cookies*

1. Do you enter giveaways online? If so, do you only want to win books or do you love to get one of a kind prizes that relate to the book (like jewelry or other swag)?

2. When you go to a book signing, do you care if the author offers swag (stickers or bookmarks)? Or is that something you leave on the table because you'll just lose it or you'll never use it?

Thanks for your help!


  1. First- Congratulations! I've been following your blog for a while and I CAN NOT WAIT to read Defiance. When I saw that thumbnail I totally thought it was a cover reveal. Tease ;)

    As for your questions:

    I enter a ton of giveaways online, and mostly just for books. Sometimes when I see a one of a kind prize like you suggested, I'll enter-but only for books I LOVED and obviously have all ready read. I'll 100% always pass over a swag giveaway. The only swag I ever keep is a bookmark-you can't have too many IMO. But as for the rest, like stickers, I just don't have a use for. At the same time, though, I know there's lots of readers out there who go NUTS for swag.

    Hope that helps =)

  2. I don't read a huge amount of YA but I've always loved your giveaways. The swag I still have with me from book signings are an Artemis Fowl pen/green flashlight and the "Do Not Disturb" door hanger from Hotel at the Corner of Bitter & Sweet (I love telling people not to disturb me 'cause I'm reading!). I'm sure you'll come up with something totally cool.

  3. 1. I enter scads of giveaways online - and I don't mind if it's a book or a story-related item. It's still cool stuff I didn't have before. ;-)

    2. I love swag, even though it falls prey to my demon offspring who end up with every cool thing I ever get. Someday they shall all move out & swag will be mine, all mine.

    Congratulations again, CJ - I'm really proud of you and excited for you!

  4. SO excited for you, CJ! ^_^

    1. Yes, every time I see one involving a book that interests me...which is most of them. >.< Being a bibliophile is time consuming, but oh so rewarding.

    2. I like swag! But it must be pretty and/or useful and/or unique. Two luncheons have resulted in me having enough sticky notes to keep my children in confetti for months. (The little beasties have a knack for finding them, no matter where they're hidden. It's like an Easter egg hunt that I never consented to. >.>)

    And I have a quick question for you... Does there happen to be a blogtour planned after the release? :)

    ~Angela Blount

  5. Congrats!

    1) I love book giveaways. Definitely the best kind.

    2) As to sway, I agree with Angela. Unless it is something really unique and related to the book than it usually goes to waste on me. Bookmarks and stickers are a dime a dozen.

  6. Hooray! This has come so quickly!

    1) I really like getting the other stuff, but as a reader the book is what I really want.

    2) I'm not sure about swag personally. I've never been to an author event, but I imagine the stuff would be kind of nice and personal. As two people have said though, I appreciate useful items.

  7. Congrats! Yay, I filled the form out for an ARC, crossing fingers.

    I enter contests for the books. I've been to a books signing and I took home a bookmark, which I will use, and I signed poster. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the poster. But, I wouldn't be disappointed at ALL, if there was no swag at a signing. I go for the books, and the author.

  8. 1) I like giveaways, for anything. Books. Book-related items. But if they're book-related items, I like it when the quality of those items is good. Like, I don't want it to be something that will break the day I get it. XD

    2) I would love swag at an author signing at all. I wouldn't go in expecting any, but if it's there, awesome!

  9. 1) I would enter giveaways, but my mom says I can't give away my address online. If I did enter giveaways, though, I would enter for both books and book related items.
    2) When I've gone to signings and gotten, like, bookmarks that matched the cover, that's cool. When I get them, I actually use bookmarks. Book stickers, not so much because I don't want to use them up. Same with temporary tattoos that match the book. But I've been to signings with absolutely no swag, and it's still been great.
    Just don't do stuff like flashlight keychains with the book on it or anything. Cute, but not useful.

  10. Thank you all for your input. It's so helpful!

    Angela, I don't know if I'll be doing a blog tour. If you're interested in being contacted to be part of the tour (if I do one), can you FB message me? I'll put it in my file. Thanks! :)

  11. 1. I do enter giveaways. I love all kinds. I've recently won a metal bookmark, and earrings. Love them!
    2. I love getting swag at book signings. Some swag is super neat! I got a tube of chapstick once.

  12. I do enter giveaways for books. I don't really enter for any swag. I just don't need it. I think the books generate more excitement.

    I like getting bookmarks at book signing but not really anything else.

    I'll e-mail or Facebook you about interviewing you at Literary Rambles. I spotlight a lot of debut authors.

  13. I don't enter giveaways any more, mostly because I feel like I should let other people win. But when I go to a book signing or event, I really want a matching bookmark to go with my signed book. I'm weird like that. I'm cool with other swag, but the bookmark is a must for me.

    And as a writer: I've personally gone through about 2,000 bookmarks since January. Seriously. My publisher gave me 500 and I bought 500 before release, and I've gone through at least another 1000 since then (because I've had to order twice more). I've bought stickers, pin-buttons, candy, postcards, and more, but the bookmarks are the things that go the fastest.

  14. Can't wait for the cover reveal!!! SQUEE!
    As to your questions, I enter tons of giveaways for books I would love to read. I'm not interested in swag but it's personal. I know some bloggers love swag, I just don't see any use to it.

  15. When I enter contest online for books or ARCs its mostly because I really want to read the book but I do enjoy getting book related goodies too like tote bags & t-shirts.

    As for swag at events. I'm such a swag whore! LOL I want all of it: Bookmarks, Pins, Buttons, Posters. I'm not so into stickers or tattoos but I know a lot of bloggers are. So yes, I love swag at signings!

  16. 1.I haven't as much lately, but yes. Both? That counts as an answer, right?

    2. I have a bookmark collection. : D I may be a bit of a bookmark junkie... Other swag is always cool too.


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