Monday, October 17, 2011

Melted Butter

Frankenkitty sadly overestimates the current condition of my brain.

1. It's hard for me to blog when I'm in the middle of drafting. Mostly because all of my creative brain cells are engaged in the novel, and there's not much left over for anything else.

2. Combine drafting brain with three nearly sleepless nights in a row courtesy of a teething toddler and my brain now resembles this:

3. Therefore, you should read at your own risk.

4. I took my teenager to see Abduction last night. The story is YA through and through. I really liked it. So did he.

5. But the real story is what happened before we got to the movie theater.

6. We stopped by a Walgreens next to the theater to pick up some candy. The woman at the cash register looked at our purchase and said "What movie are you going to see?"

7. I said "Abduction."

8. She said "What's that about?"

9. I said "It's about a teenager who discovers his parents really aren't his parents, and then they are killed because someone is after him. Maybe spies or the CIA or something like that. And he has to use all the skills they trained into him to escape."

10. She curled her lip and said "Huh. Sounds ... kind of weird."

11. And here I was thinking it sounded pretty interesting. So I said "Well, it stars Taylor Lautner, so there's always that."

12. She said "Who's Taylor Lautner?"

13. I mean ... really? I'm not a huge Twilight fan, and I know who Taylor is. My hubby knows who Taylor is, too. In fact, the first time we saw a preview for Abduction, my hubby turned to me after the preview ended and said, "Wow! He kept his shirt on for the entire preview!"

14. Because you kind of have to be living in a cave not to be at least a tiny bit familiar with Taylor.

15. But, whatever.

16. As we were walking into the theater, I said something ... I honestly can't remember what ... to my teenager and the ensuing conversation went like this:

Teen: Mom, you know you're weird, right?

Me: No, I'm not. I just see things a little bit differently than most people.

Teen: No one thinks like you do, Mom. No one.

Me: Allow me to introduce you to the INTERNET. I've met a lot of people online who think just like I do.

Teen: That doesn't actually make it better.

17. I hold out hope that one day he'll look back and realize it was kind of cool having a mom who was into zombies and post-apocalyptic stuff, and understood steampunk, and dressed up for Harry Potter movies, and took him to every comic book movie ever made.

18. One day.

19. Until then, I'm going to take my melted butter stick of a brain and go draft DEFIANCE's sequel.


*I post a job listing for a personal assistant. Warning! Must love llamas!
*The Were-llama offers to blurb a book!
*I share a creepy-cool book trailer for one of my hubby's favorite books (It's on my TRB too!).


  1. I am living proof that other people think like you do. LIVING PROOF.

    Also, the plotline of Abduction might have some tiny little overlaps with my book. So now I really think you might like it. *grins*

  2. LOL My kids have let me know I'm weird too. I asked if it was weird good or weird bad. "Just weird, mom." Nothing to do but embrace it!

    And I have a feeling someday he will appreciate everything!

  3. I kinda can't wait until your kids meet me. :D


  4. Maybe it's because he's finally understanding just how deep the weird goes. And that it's hereditary. Kind of like when grandma started just hanging up without saying goodbye and we realized mom was next. And then us. So...yeah...melted butter.

  5. My kids tell me i am weird all the time - it's a compliment I think. At least they say so - hehehe

  6. Rather weird than boring I say!

  7. 1) Seriously? That girl needs to get out from behind the cash register (or at least scan the tabloid covers a bit).
    2) Being weird is the new cool.
    3) Melted butter and talk of movies makes me want popcorn. Like, now. Can your weirdness handle an online transfer of yummy theater treats?

  8. 1. IT HAS A TITLE! (Ahem, book 2 that is...)

    2. I can't wait for the personal assistant one on the Coming this week.

    3. I absolutely *love* the convo with the Boy.

    4. The pictures with captions/explanations are HILARIOUS!!!

    Yes, the title one is #1, because that's what I'm most excited for. : D

  9. 1)*I* think like you. pssshh, please. Your son is just concerned that not many other kids have awesome parents as him (the neighborhood children are feeding him lies!!!) .

    2) HAHAHAHAHAH, wait she was serious? awkward turtle, cash register girl....


    Wait, no I can't because you're in the South and I live in SoCal and unless I commandeer a chopper to the south then it's not possible....

    DANG IT!! I am so good at the "double vanilla espresso shot with foamed milk, 2 splenda's and extra caramel" orders :(


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