Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Slackerpants Begone!

1. I was a complete slackerpants on this blog last week.

2. Mostly because I was finishing my last round of line edits on DEFIANCE and suffering from post-writing-retreat-brain-deadness. Yes, that is totally a thing. Look it up.

3. I vow not to be such a lame blogger this week. As proof, I offer you the above picture.

4. You're welcome.

5. I am sort of the master of finding strange and amusing things online. It's a talent. I often share those things with Jodi Meadows.

6. She is grateful.

7. I don't care what she tells you, SHE IS GRATEFUL.

8. Here's something I shared with her yesterday. I think maybe I will need to write an emasculator into one of my books:

9. You're welcome again.

10. Baby J has been up to a few antics recently.

11. The other day, she got into the pantry, grabbed a new bottle of vanilla extract, and dumped it all over the floor.

12. Thankfully, we have hardwood floors. But still, the SMELL.

13. A little later, she tried to put a pair of boots on (My daughter loves shoes ... I wonder where she gets that?), but they were too small. Clint explained to her that the shoes were too small and that we had to go to the store to get a new pair.

14. Baby J then walked over to the table, grabbed Clint's wallet, handed it to him and said "Bye bye."

15. =D

16. You'll notice that I described both of the above actions as "antics."

17. My definition of "antics" used to be much, much broader.

18. When the boys were little, my definition of "antics" included using the product of bodily functions for unauthorized art projects, running naked through the neighborhood, pouring honey onto my carpet, and lighting things on fire.

19. Girls are SO different from boys.

20. Later this week, I will bring you PONIES. Magical PONIES. Magical PONIES I created to represent the main characters in DEFIANCE.

21. You know you want that.


  1. A big ouch above! I couldn't watch.

    Glad you're back...we all have a tough week sometimes. Funny post.

  2. That reminds me of when we neutered Pudge on our dining room table.

  3. Good Lord, this wasn't the vanilla WE BOUGHT was it???

  4. Now there's a little girl who knows her mind! :)

  5. Awesome that you got your revisions done. You'll have to watch your little girl, that's for sure.

  6. I can think of a lot worse things to spill than vanilla!


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