Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I admit, when I heard there was going to be a new Spiderman franchise, I rolled my eyes. After that disastrous emo-Spidey film foisted upon us by Sam Raimi, I was ready to say adios to Spiderman. Seeing this trailer changed my mind. It feels gritty and full of unexpected depths. I got a similar feeling from Christopher Nolan's Batman reboot, and I'm a huge fan of that series. I'll definitely be in the theaters checking this one out. What do you think?


  1. Awww, yeah! Okay, so, I liked the first Spiderman done by Raimi, but I felt like the movies quickly went downhill. But this, I'm super excited for. I love that the movie industry is finally taking comic book stories seriously (I'm a huge comic book fan) and not just looking at them only as blockbuster material, a reason to use flashy colors and lots of effects. Although, I'm sure the effects will be awesome considering the whole moving around from Spidey's POV thing (which is awesome!).

    Andrew Garfield makes way more sense as Peter Parker. He actually looks like a teenager. And Emma Stone can do no wrong, imo. Although, she's playing Gwen Stacey, right? And we all know how that ends. I've purposely stayed away from any news about this movie because I want to go into it without a formed opinion so this is the first time I've watched the trailer. I'm not even sure who the villain is. Do you know?

    Anyway, yeah, looks awesome! Can't wait!

  2. I've always liked Spiderman (he's a bit of an underdog, you know?) and was really disappointed in how the characters were portrayed in the previous movies. (How hard did I want to slap...well, all of them really?!) This one looks like it might be what I hoped the other Spiderman movies would be.

  3. My hubby and my kids can't wait! I may go along for the ride :) I wasn't sold on Andrew Garfield until I say him in The Social Network; still not totally sure, but willing to give him a chance. And LOVE the lizard. I hope this is great!!


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