Monday, April 23, 2012

Drive-by Blogging

1. I wish I could promise to be a good Monday blogger for the next few weeks, but I can't.

2. It's not that entertaining stuff isn't happening on a daily basis!

3. Why just yesterday, I witnessed a friend of mine lean down and PINCH A SPIDER between his BARE FINGERS to kill it rather than do what the rest of us do and grab 32384923 pieces of tissue to avoid even a hint of crunch...

4. I gagged out loud.

5. And I believe I'm probably traumatized for life.

6. Yesterday is also the day when I headed toward my mouth with a spoonful of ice cream and somehow slung it directly into my cleavage instead.

7. Followed immediately by another spoonful of ice cream to the crotch.

8. So, it's not like there aren't ample blogging topics to amuse and delight you.

9. The problem is my brain. You see, THIS is my brain most of the time.

10. Well, if you add in a giant dash of peculiar ...

11. But right now, I'm on deadline for Defiance's sequel. And THIS, my friends, is my brain on deadline.

12. Oh, yeah. I'm sexy and I know it.

13. So that is why you'll have to bear with me. I have FUN news for you, a giveaway planned in May (Um ... anyone want an ARC???), author interviews, trailers, and Mad Libs coming up. But my own personal brand of weird post will be put on hold for just a couple more weeks.

14. Look at that pic and have pity.

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  1. Ah yes. Boys have a tendancy to do this. It grosses me out. This was what my friends had to say on Monday:

    K: Ewwww!! Why do boys smash bugs with their hands!? SO GROSS!!! (> O <)
    Me: Yuck! That's beyond gross!
    K: I know! D: I see a bug and I scream, [he] goes "where?" and then I point and scream more and then he takes his hand and SMASH!
    A: next time i'll save the smashed pieces for you -
    K: Now son, that is indeed disgusting.


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