Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Fun

I'm still writing like a ... like ... like a person who writes a lot. A LOT. (And also like a person whose entire store of creative words has gone straight into the manuscript leaving nothing behind for the blog!) I've written 12k in the past 34 hours, and I have two more scenes to go before the rough draft is finished.

So for your Monday blog reading today, I thought I'd give you two things that recently gave me a much needed pick me up while I've been drafting. Your mileage may vary.

CALL ME MAYBE (Warning! Highly addictive!)

ELLEN READS 50 SHADES OF GREY (This will only be funny to you if you're familiar with the book, so click at your own risk. :) )


  1. Thank you. ^_^ Particularly for Ellen's reading. I just found out about 50 Shades of Grey a few days ago, when one of my mother's older coworkers--who loves to keep up with all of the best sellers--decided to pick it up and recommend it to absolutely everyone she knew...before she got to the kinky stuff. She finished the book, but spent days trying to recant her recommendation. It was already too late for her daughter-in-law.

    That's still giving me giggle fits. ^_^

    ~Angela Blount

    1. No recommendation take-backs! But I honestly would love to hear her trying to recant the recommendation, blushing, I'm sure!

  2. Holy blankets... I can't stop laughing at the end of the C.R. Jepsen video! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on the oh-so-close-to-done first draft!

  3. It always amazes me how much a writer can bust out each day, word count wise. I wrote 2000 words the other day at work and I was very pleased with myself, but also so exhausted. Inspiration pops up at weird times, but I always have sympathy for writers because they have to barrel through with their writing, even if it's not an ideal time. Deadlines are serious business!

    Just a random question, but how long of a break did you take/get inbetween finishing book 1 and starting book 2??

  4. My book club is considering making a slot (ha ha) for 50 Shades just because it's so freaking ridiculous! I'm on the fence--I don't know if I'm willing to join the craze, or if I'm happier to say I haven't read it.

    Do you find that your heavy writing days come in bursts, and then you're empty for a while afterwards? I'm bouncing between two projects, one where I can spew out 5K like nothing and the other that's a slower research-heavy process. It's nice to have the mix, although I've never written two novels at once before.


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