Sunday, June 9, 2013

Authors are ROCKSTARS!: April Podcast

I was interviewed, and I share a deeply personal connection I have with my character Rachel (plus other goodies!).

Authors are ROCKSTARS!: CJ Redwine: April Podcast: All right, fantasy fans, get excited! We have an interview with Defiance author, CJ Redwine, for you. We had so much fun talking to CJ a...


  1. I loved that podcast! It's great hearing you talk about the process and the book!

    Somehow, it also made me think about when will your urban fantasy book(s) come out?

    1. Thanks!

      I had to put the urban fantasy books on hold for a bit because 2012 sort of exploded in my face. Once I'm done writing and editing the Defiance trilogy, and I figure out my future YA book schedule, I'll be able to plan for the drafting and editing that need to be done to get the first two urban fantasies out! :)


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