Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to my strange little corner of the internet! I'm C.J. Redwine, author of speculative fiction books and teacher of writing workshops. Below this post, you can find plenty to read if you scroll through the blog posts I used to write before deadlines ate my soul. Some of them are pretty funny. Especially the ones before I sold books and became a slave to Microsoft Word. :)

On the side bar, you can find other places where I continue my bid for world domination across the interwebs. I'm often on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Sometimes I use Tumblr because I'm a fangirl at heart and my fandoms live there. I also use Pinterest, mostly for storyboarding and inspiration. You are welcome to interact with me in any of those places. I rarely bite, and anyway, I've had all my shots.

If you're looking for a description of/covers of/where to buy my books, the Books tab at the top of the page is your best friend. You can also use the tabs to find out where I'll be doing events, how to contact me for interviews or blurbs, and other little goodies. Please read my FAQ before contacting me because every time someone reads my FAQ before asking me something, a baby unicorn gets its horn.

If you're a super fan of my books and want to join a community of people just like you, you can request membership in my Fans of C.J. Redwine Facebook group. I post new messages there often, answer questions, give sneak peeks, behind the scenes info, and exclusive giveaways, and it's one of the best ways to interact with me on a daily basis.

Thanks so much for reading!



  1. You're the best! Unicorns getting their horns... Seriously, you are the best!

  2. That's just awesome! I love your stories! :)

  3. I love! Your defiance books! They're amazing! And inspiration to mr

  4. I'm from Brazil, and i just started to read Defiance... and i loved it <3. I was looking for a book in that way, and Defiance is perfect! I hope the second and third book of the serie comes to Brazil soon.. or I will have to buy the book in english, 'cause it's too good to not read more... One day, I dream of being a writer... just too good as you are :) (sorry if I made any mistakes.. I'm still learning english :l)

    1. Hi Beatriz! I'm so glad you loved Defiance. Deception will come out in Brazil in November 2016 and Deliverance will be out in Brazil in March 2017. And I'm glad you want to become a writer! Please let me know one day when your first book comes out. :)


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