A Bad Culinary Decision

A few days ago, on a whim, I bought a bag of Lay's Potato Chips in their new Chicken and Waffles flavor. I figured my kids (who love both chicken and waffles) would enjoy it, and I was curious to see how Lay's managed to deliver this flavor via a potato chip.




The taste can't decide if its chicken, waffles, or some terrible hybrid of the two that ends up just tasting like syrup-drenched roadkill. And the aftertaste? Holy Noxious Swill, Batman! Soooo bad. And it just does NOT fade.

Even my boys, who will eat anything and who regularly come up with concoctions no sane person would eat (Chocolate sauce and gummy bears in a rootbeer float, for example. Or pouring the ramen seasoning packet over the UNCOOKED noodles and munching on it for hours.) wouldn't eat more than one chip.

Basically, eating a single Lay's Chicken and Waffles potato chip looks like this:


  1. *makes mental note to NOT try them*

  2. It's too late for me, my friends! Save yourselllllllllllllllves!

    ~Elizabeth G

  3. I saw them in the store and immediately went the other way. It just SOUNDS bad. I am, however, tempted to try the cheesy garlic bread flavor.

  4. Ahahaha that is great. I am so glad I have not tried them now.

  5. Yeah it is extremely gross! I tried the garlic bread one too and it tasted like overload of butter. Ew.

  6. CJ, i could have written this post. i also bought some the other day and was like "they can't be bad, right??"

    yeah, right, Jennzah. really?? and my husband won't even TOUCH them. so... i have half a bag of chips that i may as well feed to the birds, if they'll touch them!

  7. At least this popular Lays chip's slogan "betcha can't eat just one" was defeated. :)


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