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Take a Workshop & Maybe Win a Book

There are exciting developments in our current adoption process (Yay!) that I can't detail just yet but will be able to discuss online soon. In the meantime, we are suddenly in the position of needing to quickly raise an orphanage fee and some travel money.

Which means I'd love to really bump up the registration numbers in my upcoming workshops. And what better way to do that than to do a fun giveaway?

GIVEAWAY DETAILS *From today until Monday, March 3 I will put everyone who registers for one of my workshops into a drawing to win your choice of a signed copy of Defiance, Deception, or a Deliverance ARC.

* There will be THREE winners.

*You will get an entry for each workshop you register for. Already registered? Tell a friend!

*If you refer a friend (have them use your name in the Notes to Seller section of the Paypal registration form.), you will get an extra entry!

Why should you take a workshop from me? 

*Because I have eighteen years of teaching experience, the last five of w…

Writing Update - February 2014

Wow, it's been a really long time since I wrote one of these! Most of that can be chalked up to mental exhaustion. Writing a trilogy (especially one set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where the plot refuses to happen for less than 120k words) is an excellent recipe for creative fatigue. I'm not sure I'm completely recovered yet, and a lot of that has to do with how much rewriting I did for both DECEPTION and DELIVERANCE.

Sometimes when I tell people I rewrote DECEPTION five and a half times in six months and that I rewrote Logan's half of DELIVERANCE three times, they look at me with something like shock and dismay. I think there's an assumption that if you're good enough to be published then you're good enough to churn out near perfect drafts the first or second time around. This is not the case. Not for me and not for any of my published friends. Rewriting is a necessary part of my craft. If drafting is me pulling all the ingredients out of the pantr…

Spring Online Writing Workshop Schedule

I'm excited to offer three of my most popular workshops this spring!

*Query Writing 101: Everything you need to know to write a stellar query letter and find the right literary agent for you. Includes one in-depth critique of your query.

*How to Write a Killer Synopsis: Dread synopsis writing? Not anymore. Learn the basics, what to include and what to leave out, how to format, and how to make your synopsis sound too interesting to resist.

*Writer's Boot Camp: A two week intensive course designed to immerse you in the craft of writing a compelling story. Includes lessons on pacing, subplots, backstory, plot structure, how to escalate conflict, and how to write a rough draft in seven weeks.

Go to my workshop site for info and pricing. All writers are welcome, regardless of genre, age, or where you are in your publishing journey!