Tuesday, September 25, 2007

7 Wonders of This Past Weekend

1. My youngest, Starshine, is writing his own story on the computer. The first page reads as follows:

"Star Wars by Starshine. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away - dun du du duuuuu du dun du du duuuuu du."

Nothing like a little background music to set the mood as you read. =)

2. A man I waited on asked me if the Chicken and Dumplings came with dumplings.

3. Two of my closest friends stopped arguing and made up. =)

4. I plotted out most of the rest of the first Alexa book and can see the whole arc of the series now.

Yay for creepy villains!

5. My hubby proved once again to be the perfect man for me by indulging my penchant for wandering aimlessly through Borders for an hour and then sitting through a movie he knew he'd hate.

6. Mal's eyewitness account of a cat being chased across the road by a tiny field mouse.

Brave soul.

7. I discovered by reading the fine print in an email that the color brown is trademarked.

Dibs on red. ; )


  1. Lol!

    Not if Alexa has anything to say about it... :)

  2. The color brown is trademarked?

    What will they think of next?


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