Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ringing In 2008 (Two Days Late)

A New Year's List of Semi-Resolutions

(Semi-resolutions subject to rapid and frequent change due to any of the following unforeseen circumstances: winning the lottery, being shanghaied into serving as First Mate on a pirate ship, being elected President of the United States by a landslide grass-roots campaign, or snorting chicken one too many times and thus rendering myself mentally incapacitated.)

1. Sign a publishing contract for the SHADOWING FATE series.

2. Win a writing contest (by talent, preferably, though bribery and extortion aren't out of the running).

3. Be more adventurous in the kitchen (and by adventurous, please note that I do not mean I wish to barbeque any more toys in the oven, necessitating a visit by the fire department and thus reinforcing my current title of Most Likely To Cause A Neighborhood Stir).

4. Learn how to punch like a man.

5. Bring my daughter home. (As I have no control over this, this is really more a wish than a resolution).

6. Use less mustard.

7. Nevermind, I like mustard.

8. Push myself creatively to really explore what I can do.

9. Be thankful for all the many ways in which God has blessed me.

10. I can't really think of a #10. I mean I can, of course. I'm always full of ideas and ambitions but I think 9 is really more than I can handle so 10 would totally push my luck and leave me with just a resolution to find new and creative uses for my favorite condiment. =)


  1. And here I thought for sure C.J. would already know how to punch like a man...

  2. Haha. Whats the deal with mustard? And you will punch like one...someday, you will learn from the best of course...*flexes*


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