Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things I Find Odd

1. NO, I am not going to put myself at the top of the list.

2. Why??

3. Because it's my blog.

4. I am surprised at how many people tell me they read my blog.

5. I guess because not many of you are "commenters", I don't really know who all reads this.

6. Which makes for interesting conversations when near strangers say to me "Hey! How's Starshine?" and it takes me a minute to realize they're a friend of a friend and they read my blog.

7. That, however, is not nearly as awkward as when I meet people who think they "know me" because they listen to my hubby on the radio.

8. Here are a few tips: If you don't know the name of my hair stylist, the two items I order the most off Cracker Barrel's menu, the title of my work in progress, or my cell phone number - you don't know me.

9. The South's addiction to the consumption of catfish.

10. It's a bottom-feeder, folks. It eats dirt - a habit which is directly responsible for the fact that it tastes like dirt.

11. I'm told it's an acquired taste (much like caviar and cow's tongue).

12. I think if you have to convince your taste buds over time that they are liars and should stop threatening to expel the foul mouthful you've just forced upon them, you might want to consider the thousands of other culinary options available to you.

13. Like pancakes.

14. Or Peanut Butter Moose Tracks Ice Cream.

15. Parents who put so much energy into convincing their children that competition is bad and we are all winners no matter what we do or how much effort we put into things.

16. Bet that's a pretty difficult concept for the New England Patriots to digest right about now.

17. Maxi-pads with peppy little messages on the inside. (Unless, of course, the peppy little message says something useful like "Murder is a federal offense" or "Chocolate Solves Everything".)

18. Anyone still sporting a mullett.

19. The fact that a woman struggles to think of a single use for a roll of duct tape while a man is busy using it to bolster the garden, repair the lawnmower, and hem his suit pants.

20. Llamas.

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