Friday, March 28, 2008

Week In Review

1. Where did this week go?

2. My two youngest dyed and decorated eggs on Easter, but the Scientist decided he was too old for that particular activity.

3. Daredevil and Starshine can dye and decorate a dozen eggs in under four minutes.

4. This is because they're boys.

5. Nothing involving the word "decorate" holds their interest for very long unless, of course, you are discussing an unauthorized re-decoration of the bathroom using shaving cream, toilet paper, and some minty fresh Colgate.

6. Not that anyone in this household has ever done anything like that.

7. I got the call I didn't think was coming (came in close to 5pm) to inform me that I earned a place as a finalist in RWA's Golden Heart writing competition.

8. Excitement was quickly followed by nerves as I discovered I needed a head shot, a fancy dress (okay, that didn't actually cause nerves...just a quick trip to, and some press contacts for RWA's press release.

9. All this for the manuscript I'd just decided to put away in a drawer and not look at again for two years minimum.

10. Now I'm trying to stop myself from doing another read-through because I know I'll want to change 439 things and it will drive me crazy because that ship not only sailed - it's already made port.

11. Personal hygiene advice (Take it! It's free!): If you work with me, bathing is not optional. I don't care how late you're running. I don't want to hear that you ran out of soap/water/common sense. I am not interested in smelling anything other than Irish Spring soap and whatever deodorant you choose to buy. Bathing. Is. Not. Optional.

12. This has been a public service announcement.

13. A group of us attended the Red concert in Nashville on Thursday night (if you missed Juan Pedro's new casual look, scroll down two posts and check it out).

14. Four bands played. Red was amazing as always. Egypt Central was decent but the lead singer needs to stop trying so hard to convince us all that he did, indeed, work as a villain in a B horror movie. The Following is a local high school band just starting out. Cinder Road was less than useless - from the synchronized hair tossing (ummm...guys? You're supposed to be a ROCK band.), to the lead singer insanely clapping for...ummm...well, it appeared to be for his own singing, they resembled Hanson trying out heavy metal for a change.

15. My hubby just brought home Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream and we all know that makes for a happy C.J.

16. Next week I will be starting a series of weekly posts on the craft of writing. It's possible that I will solicit some guest bloggers for this from time to time.

17. It's just as likely I'll do it all myself.

18. We have, as usual, a pretty busy weekend what with my hubby's remote broadcasting assignment, the laundry currently staging an uprising, friends coming for dinner, and in-laws coming for a visit next week.

19. I'll leave you with some very sage advice.

20. Beware of goats. They're sneaky.


  1. OMG! That cat is scary. lol

  2. CJ, That is GREAT news that you are a finalist!!! Many Congrats! I am SO happy for you, girl!! Still looking forward to reading one (or many) of your pieces in full.


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