Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Add Your 2 Cents

I've started the series of posts on the writing process and have some ideas of my own on what the series will cover but some comments on my first post caused me to add to my list. =)

So...here's the list I'm currently working from. If you have another topic you'd like covered, please suggest it!

*Writing an attention-grabbing first chapter
*Outlines vs. Seat of the Pants
*Writing a series
*The submission process


  1. *Making time to write.

    *For the setting//characters topic can you show examples on how to bring up the setting//appearance of your characters without it being random/pointless[So in order to get ready I put on my black and white Dior pumps with the bow and my little black dress that wasn't too little...] or boring.

    *making criticism work for you, and when to know what to cut and what to keep. Because that's one of the harder parts I think, being told that your favourite scene is actually really pointless. Because there are times when someone says something to me and I'm like 'well...they're writing style is totally different from mine, so of course they wouldn't get it. So I'll just leave it in' then during a reread realise that they were right, lol.

    *You already went over something like this but I wouldn't mind a repost; dealing with people's expectations and your own about what you write.

    I'll probably come up with some more later, lol.

  2. With all kinds of ideas, how do you choose what to write? And do you work on more than one project at a time?

    And how do you create setting and give out all the background info on your characters without long paragraphs in the first chapter? I've noticed in both of your first chapter samples, you don't have a lot of backstory or information to get the reader clued in to the plot but as a reader, I'm totally into your characters and plot anyway and I want to know how you do that.

  3. I guess I should have read further before commenting on your last post. I would really like to know how you found the contests. I don't know if that would take a full post, maybe just a small comment to point me in the correct direction.

  4. These are all great ideas and I've added them to the list.

    The contest info really is a post in itself since there isn't one location I can point you to for legitimate contests.

    I'll be posting 2-3 of these a week. =)


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