Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jonathan's Playlist

I'm trying something new while writing Lilli's book. Usually, I listen to two or three instrumental soundtracks per novel but somehow, that just wasn't cutting it for Lilli. I do have the Death Sentence soundtrack (hauntingly beautiful) cued up in my iPod for atmospheric scenes, but I needed something else to get under my character's skin.

I decided to use an free online music source to create playlists of songs that my main characters listen to. For Lilli, that meant branching out into soulful R&B and country, two genres I usually avoid with something very akin to horror.

Jonathan's playlist is more my style. Because I have nothing better to blog about at the moment, I thought I'd share his list with you. Lilli's will be posted another day.


There And Back Again by Daughtry

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

Crash by Cavo

Ghost by Cavo

Life Is Beautiful by Sixx AM

Indestructible by Disturbed

Remedy by Seether

Pig by Seether

Water by Breaking Benjamin

Death of Me by Red

Also, he plays the piano to relax when he's alone. Some samples of his preferred pieces:

Piano Sonata #14 by Beethoven

Piano Concerto #9 by Mozart


  1. I like his playlist. He listens to the same music I do, but I definitely don't play piano to relax. That's a scary thought. *shudder*

  2. Lol. He's got a scary-intense sort of focus so turning that to music frees up his mind.

  3. Very nice play list! And just so you know, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have new albums out this month. (Of course, I already have them! =D )So just let me know when you're ready for 'em!

  4. And Jonathan seems pretty awesome! Hard core guy with awesome music taste, AND plays piano?? Can't wait to read!

  5. Rofl! That's exactly the sort of playlist I'll have roaring while I'm writing. My ma (who is the sort of person that will write what you're saying if you come up and talk to her while she's writing a Christmas card) is can't understand how I write ANYTHING with 'all that racket'. I do have a great deal of soundtrack music as well, but most of it is dramatic. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, V for Vendetta, Kinky Boots and the like.


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