Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Nuts Contest!

A few years ago, a representative of the Oh Nuts! company contacted me to see if I'd be willing to review a few of their products. My job basically consisted of eating some YUMMY free stuff and discussing it on my blog. Easiest job I ever had.

Now, they've offered me another opportunity, only this time, YOU might get to try some of their YUMMY stuff for free too!

It's simple! Enter the contest (steps to enter are listed below), and you could win a $25 gift certificate to Oh Nuts! just in time to get yourself or someone on your list a delicious holiday gift! (Here's my fave!)

There are three ways to enter: (You get one entry for each!)

1.  Go to the Oh Nuts Christmas gift baskets page or Hanukkah Gift page and leave a comment here with the name and url of your favorite. 

2. Go to the Oh Nuts facebook page and post on the wall the url and name of your favorite Hanukkah Gift OR Christmas Gift. You should also write "I am here via C.J. Redwine's blog" and come back to tell me you did so.

3. Follow @ohnuts on Twitter and tweet:

Win a free Hanukkah Gift from Follow @ohnuts & Retweet to enter.


Win a free Christmas Gift from Follow @ohnuts & Retweet to enter.

Make sure to tell me you tweeted in the comment trail here!

This contest is open until Thursday, December 9th at 8 a.m. Central Time. I will then use to choose a winner. Good luck!


  1. Okay, so here is my favorite They look awesome...especially since they don't contain the Walnuts of Death! I posted on FB and Tweeted!

  2. I'd really love these-

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  3. That's a hard call. But as much as I love the refined-sugar nutritional void that are jelly beans...winter months mean I need all of the chocolate therapy I can get.

    Awesome job, CJ! I hope they continue treating you well...with treats. >.> ;)

    ~Angela Blount

  4. Um, a chocolate planter? YES PLEASE. (does the chocolate grow annually?) ;-P


    The Christmas gift nut basket please

  6. My favorite is this:

    LOVE munchies like this.

  7. Mmm. Dried fruit floral arrangement. Yum.

  8. I like the chocolate truffle box. Of course.

  9. Here's my favorite. I don't have facebook so I can't go on their page, but enter me with my comment!

  10. I tweeted and followed them!

    Here's my favorite -


    Looks so good.

    I did as instructed. <3

  12. I followed and tweeted it here:!/JulieALindsey/status/12857833523519488
    I went to the Oh Nuts Christmas Gift Baskets page and love - of course- the holiday chocolate planter here: (but I love ALL chocolate ) LOL

  13. Um, what if I just want them all? Can I also say 'Thank you!' Now I know what to send my brother for Christmas (then go over and eat it all with him).
    I tweeted and am following them now, too @HeatherKegler

  14. I want the tower of gifts. Why take just one when you can have a tower?

  15. Tweeted as commanded, ma'am!


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