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Want to order a signed copy of Defiance?

Wish you could come to one of my local events and get a signed book but live too far away? Want a personalized gift for the reader on your gift list?

I have great news! Jarrett, the manager of my local Books a Million (the store where I do most of my writing) has worked out a way to allow people to purchase signed copies of Defiance to be shipped to your home. You must have a U.S. shipping address, and be able to pay by credit card/debit card over the phone. Shipping charges will apply.

The offer is good from 8/29/12-9/7/12! Simply fill out the form below, and Jarrett will contact you to process your order. There's no limit to the amount of signed books you may order. :)


Blogging Again!

1. I know what you're thinking.

2. You're thinking "Holy cow, she's actually blogging?? Are they serving ice cream in hell today?"

3. If they are serving ice cream in hell, it's going to be orange sherbet which looks like it should be tasty ice cream but then turns out to be a whole lot more ice than cream and also tastes disturbingly like frozen Tang.

4. But, I digress.

5. There are some very good reasons why I haven't blogged much for the past two months. I'll give you the condensed version: Bad accident, hospitalized kids, long recovery, book deadline, book rewrite from the ground up (That's totally a euphemism for "fun," by the way), Defiance release plans, back to school shopping and fees and nights and angst, interview questions to answer, guest posts, teen in physical and speech therapy as he tries to manage going back to school with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) that will still take months to recover from, and my own brain whi…