Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where In the World is C.J.?

1. So ... let's just make a deal to pay no attention to how long it's been since I've blogged, ok?

2. The reasons for my unplanned hiatus can be summed up thusly: Book 1 launch, travel nearly every weekend for book events, and then Book 2 ATE MY SOUL.

3. Book 2 has now been wrangled (mostly) into submission.

4. I can't promise to be as prolific as I used to be on the blog, though, because it doesn't look like the craziness in my schedule is going to slow down any time soon, and because I have multiple writing projects I'm working on.

5. I can use my creative brain power for the day on writing or on blogging, but most days I can't seem to manage both.

6. I do, however, have a few really awesome author interviews coming up (along with giveaways!), and I have some Deep Thoughts kind of posts sort of simmering in my head, waiting for the right moment.

7. So, I'm not disappearing from the blog ... but I might be a lot more scarce.

8. I've enjoyed traveling around the country and meeting readers! Even if I do manage to do something quasi-humiliating on every trip.

9. Take last weekend, for example. I went to St. Louis (which did THIS to me last time I was there) for the YALSA symposium. (A hotel full of librarians is my kind of epic!)

10. On Thursday night, I was scheduled to have dinner with a reviewer from YABC. I dressed in a cute shirt, a pretty black and white scarf with beaded fringe, and my favorite jeans. I also made sure I had no spinach in my teeth or curls sticking straight up off the back of my head.

11. In short, I made some effort to look like I know what to do when I have to leave the house.

12. Yes, I deserve brownie points for that.

13. Or just brownies. I'll take the brownies. You can keep the points.

14. Anyway, I went down to the lobby to meet Jillian (the YABC girl kind enough to take me to a yummy local brewery and then to a CHOCOLATE BAR for dessert. Yes, it deserves all caps!) and I was feeling pretty pulled together.

15. Until for some inexplicable reason, my head started to dip toward my stomach, slowly but surely.

16. At first it felt like just a bit of pressure against the back of my neck. Uncomfortable, but easily ignored.

17. Then, I realized my chin was pointed toward the floor.

18. Anyone who knows me realizes that where my chin is pointed, I will follow.

19. Clearly, I had to fix the issue before I ended up face-planting on the lobby floor, thus ruining any chance to make a good first impression on the crowds of librarians all around me.

20. A quick investigation revealed the problem.

21. It also revealed that my good first impression?

22. Totally ruined.

23. Why?

24. Because SOMEHOW the long beaded fringe on my scarf got caught BETWEEN MY LEGS and HUNG OUT MY BACKSIDE for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG.

25. That is really not the area I'd hoped to accessorize.

26. Since I seem to do things of this nature (Or I gesture my hands right into a piece of pie, or I interrupt a very educational panel with a soundbite about spatulas and 50 Shades of Grey ...), you should probably come see me whenever I'm in your area.

27. I might not make a good first impression, but I'll almost certainly be memorable.

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