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Where In the World is C.J.?

1. So ... let's just make a deal to pay no attention to how long it's been since I've blogged, ok?

2. The reasons for my unplanned hiatus can be summed up thusly: Book 1 launch, travel nearly every weekend for book events, and then Book 2 ATE MY SOUL.

3. Book 2 has now been wrangled (mostly) into submission.

4. I can't promise to be as prolific as I used to be on the blog, though, because it doesn't look like the craziness in my schedule is going to slow down any time soon, and because I have multiple writing projects I'm working on.

5. I can use my creative brain power for the day on writing or on blogging, but most days I can't seem to manage both.

6. I do, however, have a few really awesome author interviews coming up (along with giveaways!), and I have some Deep Thoughts kind of posts sort of simmering in my head, waiting for the right moment.

7. So, I'm not disappearing from the blog ... but I might be a lot more scarce.

8. I've enjoyed trave…