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Win an Annotated DECEPTION ARC!

I love many different types of art--music, poetry, photography, writing, movies--the list goes on and on. So many of Defiance's fans are incredibly creative in a variety of ways, and I want to celebrate that. So ... I'm giving away a very special ARC of DECEPTION!

What makes this ARC special? I've gone through it and written behind the scenes information, personal reactions, and little extra details all throughout the book. This is the only annotated copy in existence at the moment. :)

How do you win one? You get creative! To enter, you need to use your creativity to make a Defiance-related ... something. A poem from one of the character's perspectives. An illustration of a scene. A knitted Cursed One. Jewelry. Photos. Short stories. A video re-enacting a scene. A cake featuring a character.

It doesn't matter what you enter as long as it represents your creative take on Defiance. I'll use Rafflecopter to choose one winner of the annotated ARC and two runner-up…

The Creation of an Effective Villain

One of the things I often hear from readers is that the Commander truly scares them. He's been called one of the worst villains in literature by several who've written to me, and this pleases me. Naturally, I live to scare my readers. *cue maniacal laughter*

Actually, I live to write effective stories, and that requires pushing my characters to their limits. If the villain isn't worthy of my heroes, then the story no longer matters. Readers don't sign on to read a story about characters who are kind of facing a few irksome problems that are easily dispatched if only they would simply communicate with each other and decide to do the right thing. Readers want stories that sink into their minds and whisper their secret fears. They want stories where the heroes have a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding. Stories where the victory costs nearly as much as it would cost to fail.

To deliver that, the villain must be effective. Being evil for the sake of being evil is b…

Selling Out?

The topic of being a "sell-out" came up the other day while I was talking with one of my kids. For context, he was shocked to learn that I loved the new Fallout Boy single. Mostly because he couldn't believe his mom knew who Fallout Boy was. But also because he and his friends considered the single a "sell-out."

When I asked him why that song qualified as a sell-out, he shrugged and said that all the fans were saying it. He didn't really know why, except that the song was different from earlier artistic offerings from the band.

That's a strange label in this situation. Usually, when a band gets labeled a "sell-out," fans mean that a band who produced alternative/niche music changed their style a bit and found commercial success. In Fallout Boy's case, they've already found commercial success. Their 2005 album went double platinum, and their 2007 album debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200. So, if the outcry isn't based on the …