Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chapter Three - Alexa Tate

On the advice of a published author, I've removed chapter 3. I don't want future publsihers to think I've given too much away when they are trying to sell my book. I've left the comments.

Don't worry, the first installment of Alexa's story will be complete by the end of June and I'll let you know as soon as some savvy publisher snaps it up. (say that five times fast)


  1. "Her body suit was deterrant enough." - LOL!!

    I liked the revisions. Scared me with the man at her window. I need chapter four! I need it!

  2. The revisions were great. I like the main character much better. Can't believe you will leave us hanging!(Actually I can) Surely you will allow your Mother to read each chapter as you finish.( I do have rank you know!)

  3. You do have rank...I'd forgotten. :)

  4. Now that I actually had time to read it, aha, I have to claim my rank as well. I expect chapter 4 on my desk (or here will do) monday morning, that will be all. Thank you

    (*thinks*-now can I get away with that or will there be major repercussion's at work tonight...)

    PS. Im still enthralled by it. Love it.

  5. Oh there are definitely some major consequences and repercussions coming your way!

    I'll give you chapter 4 when you've finished Dying To Remember. Not a minute before.

    I can be evil when I have to.

  6. I'm actually in the middle of chapter 4 right now - I could give you a hint....


    Have fun figuring that one out.

  7. I was shocked to read that malystyx thinks he has rank! This is a title that is earned after years and years of hard work. It is given to you by other people, not declared at random!(Was malystyx raised by wolves in the bush?) In fact,in my memory,no man has ever earned that distinction. I'm looking forward to a heart to heart when I visit in May.

  8. Thankfully that gives Malystryx time to make a will and notify his next of kin...

  9. *grins* So I swear I'm not stalking you. (since you did say come over and read it)

    Seriously, love it. You have a very engaging style. The characters are immediately interesting and draw you right into the story.

    I am crossing my fingers for you! I hope something comes out of this hook contest, but even if it doesn't keep plugging away at agents - someone out there will be smart enough to pick you up.

  10. You can stalk me anytime! (Unless, of course, you show up on my doorstep at three in the morning...but still, if you bring an agent with you, all will be forgiven!)

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

  11. Heh. If I can find an agent and convince them to rep not only me but you too I'll show up at your doorstep whenever said deal is done.

    You're most welcome!

  12. Can I check out some of your writing in return? I'll just click on your name and see what happens...

  13. You're more than welcome too. *ponders* Though I don't think I've got any of the books I'm pushing up on the web at the moment. I'd be more than happy to send you the first chapter if you wanted to read them.

    I do have random stuff over on LJ. Which you probably found if you clicked on the name. (I've tried to make sure all these random blogs link back to each other, oy!)

    Drop me a line at kb dot wagers at gmail dot com if you'd like me to send you something. :)


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