Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hook Contest Entry

There is a contest going on a . Basically, unpublished authors can send in a "hook" for their current novel. The first 180 received will get reviewed by judges (published authors), the twelve best will be picked to send pages in for review as well and the best will get a personal consultation with one of the top literary agents in this field.

Of course, I entered. Hopefully I made it into the first 180. I'll keep you posted.

Here's what I sent. A hook is basically like the back flap of a book - what you read to see if it interests you enough to buy it. Please let me know what you think!! If it grabs you enough that you'd buy it off the shelf, what worked best? What stood out? If you'd pass, why? What was missing?

I need the feedback. This is what I'll be using to query agents on this series and I want it as perfect as possible!!

Recipe for Disaster, New York City style:

Take one seriously toned single girl. Add a pinch of “please-God-just-kill-me-now” blind dates, a nefarious Twinkie thief, and some kick-butt vigilante justice under the cover of darkness. Mix in two handsome men: a human cop who should be off-limits and a non-human warrior who cannot be trusted. Blend violently with a killer skilled in mind-control and focused on destroying New York City. Put on a pair of Manolo Blahniks, your best little red dress, and slam it down.

Alexa Tate isn’t human. She calls herself Other. She can swim underwater without holding her breath, outrun a New York City taxicab, and scale a brick building in five seconds flat. A receptionist by day, she uses her skills to hunt down evil under the cover of night. She is stronger, faster, and more lethal than anyone she’s ever met.

Until now.

Two Others have come to town. One wants to destroy Alexa. One says he wants to save her.

Alexa believes in saving herself.

To do so, she must uncover the truth about her birthright, keep a certain handsome cop from suspecting her of crimes she may have committed, and hunt down the Others one by one.

Living in New York City can be murder.

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  1. I haven't received my confirmation email yet (apparently no one has) but they are saying that anyone who sent a hook in by 10am Friday is in. Since I am one of the obsessive writers who sent it just after midnight...sometimes it pays to be anal.


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