Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things I Wish I Didn't Know

Courtesy of a marathon cleaning session in my boys' room.

1. My children find it perfectly acceptable to store dirty dishes under their beds.

2. It HURTS to sit on a Ninja Turtle. (Darn that Michaelangelo and his num-chucks)

3. It also HURTS to step on a Lego. (Why do they make toys capable of impaling the human foot? Shouldn't that be illegal?)

4. The toybox doubles as a hamper and the more dirty socks you hide inside, the better.

5. Fig Newtons, left to their own devices for months, make excellent weapons.

6. Gusher Fruit Snacks, left to their own devices for months, also make excellent weapons.

7. Yogurt, left to its own devices for months, does not.

8. We have 13 shoes between my two youngest but only three pair.

9. It is NOT FUNNY to pile Legos on top of the ceiling fan and wait for Mom to unknowingly turn it on.

10. Snot, systematically wiped on a wall, is nearly impossible to remove.

And people wonder why the thought of spring cleaning makes me twitch.


  1. Come on, #9's not funny even a little bit? *grins*

    #10 - Ewwwww!

  2. Okay, #9 is a little bit funny in a demented, slightly bent sort of way. (hmmm, turns out my kids take after me more than I thought...)

    I agree on the Ewww for #10. I, however, did not clean it up. They did.

    It's safe to say they'll use tissue from now on.


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