Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My To Do List

1. Marry the man I can't live without - Check

2. Graduate from college - Check

3. Dye my hair an improbable shade of pink -

4. Cold-cock myself in the chin with my own breast - Check

5. Tour Ireland -

6. Tour Merced, California - Check

7. Knock myself silly on my own diningroom table - Check

8. Be on a game show -

9. Do a stand up comedy routine -

10. Star as a murderer in a film (highschool film, but still, I killed like nobody's business) - Check

11. Be mistaken for Marilyn Monroe -

12. Win a writing contest - Check

13. Unplug three toilets in under three minutes - Check

14. Publish a novel -

15. Meet Amy Grant - Check

16. Understand and appreciate Kafka -

17. Front a rock band -

18. Pretend to front a rock band - Check

19. Beat my husband in a game of poker - Check

20. Invent a working formula for becoming invisible -

21. Drive a Ferrari -

22. Own at least fifteen pair of totally smokin' shoes - Check

23. Get lost on the way to Big Bear and end up in Arizona - Check

24. Ski into a tree - Minus the skiis - Check

25. Become the Queen of Sequins at age 79 -


  1. I've sooooo got you taken care of on number three. Just let me know when you're ready!

  2. Woot! 14 out of 25, not too shabby. :D

  3. You forgot the...

    19. Beat my husband in a game of poker (insert: Without cheating) - Check

  4. Opal - I know you're my girl when it comes to gorgeous pink hair!!

    Malystryx - Just because you're a sore loser at checkers doesn't mean you get to accuse me of cheating at poker.

    I'd be happy to beat you at poker any day of the week. (no cheating needed - unless, of course, you cry so much I just let you cheat to shut you up...)


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