Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alexa Tate Update

Well, so far Alexa has disabled a criminal by breaking his legs, surivived a blind date with a defense attorney, narrowly escaped a caning by her irascible, spandex-clad 91 year old tenant, hurtled herself through a window, discovered she has TWO stalkers instead of one, caught the attention of a (very handsome and possibly off limits) policeman, been caught hiding in the men's room, eaten a delicious deli sandwich, and ruined her best DKNY skirt in the aftermath of a bomb explosion.

And I'm just warming up.



  1. Someone's going to have to pay for ruining her skirt!


  2. I love any book that combines a DKNY skirt, an explosion, and a sojourn in the men's room.

    What could be better?


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