Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cake Sculpting 101

Check out the video on how my hubby sculpted the hot dog cake!


  1. That is so cool. Looks like a lot of work and I could never do it but it's really cool.

  2. *laughs* I see what you mean about the bits of cake everywhere!

    How long did that actually take?

  3. Several hours. I don't know the exact number (I worked that night) but maybe my hubby will read this and comment with the right answer. I know it was at least 4.

  4. That was truly amazing!! And to think he did it all in 3 1/2 minutes!!

  5. My hubby says that the process captured on video took about 4 hours. The baking and decorating for both the wedding cake and the hotdog cake combined was about 40 hours.

  6. Mom - Clint finds your comment hilarious.

    Well, okay, the word he used sounded a lot like something else but in the interest of family relations, I'm going with "hilarious".


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