Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Change to Blog Format

I've changed a feature to this blog. Now, when you comment, it will immediately post (instead of waiting for blog owner approval).

Happy commenting!!


  1. *resists urge to run around commenting just because I can*


  2. LOL!! Please don't resist. I love your comments.

  3. I know, but it would probably just contain things like "Narf!" and "Troz!" and other assorted Pinky-like comments.


  4. Wooooo Hoooo!!!! Now I can take over the world!!!!!!!! (Stop that Pinky, you're embarassing me. BTW - Are you thinking what I'm thinking?) :-)

  5. Well yes, Brain, I think so. But how could we produce a glitzy, strawberry-scented rendition of the Mona Lisa by blowing foam out our noses?


People who comment are made of awesomesauce with a side of WIN!

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