Friday, July 6, 2007

Early (waaaay too early) Morning Ruminations

Sometimes I struggle with insomnia. I freely admit that this is because my brain races in too many directions at once.

Last night, for example, I went to bed around 1am because I was writing and didn't realize how tired I was until I finished the chapter. You'd think, after putting in an 11 hour day on the job and then staying up to write, I would fall instantly to sleep.

Not me.

I had too many things to think about. Someone once suggested that if I write down the ideas racing through my brain, I can somehow empty it out and sleep. (This person obviously missed the point that once I start writing ANYTHING I get so interested in the process that I lose another hour or two without realizing).

Anyway, in the spirit of following that advice (and just to see on paper what kept me awake until past 2), here is what I obsessed about last night: (in no particular order)

*How do I explain ______ about Alexa?

*How many more seasons of Lost will they produce before they pull the plug and leave me bereft?

*I really should clean my shower.

*I hate cleaning my shower.

*I bet I can finish this book by the end of July like I orignially planned. Who needs sleep anyway?

*Ooooh, a half-elven/half-human outcast Bounty Hunter. Cool idea! Let's see....

*Alexa, Alexa, Alexa...

*I wonder when I should invite Mike and Lori over for dinner? Do I even have their phone number?

*Crap, I fogot to charge my cell phone. Again. At least my gas tank is full.

*Or is it?

*I need to buy milk. What can I make the kids for breakfast if I have no milk?

*I need to go spend a long weekend in New York City for research. Strictly for research.

*Shoe shopping counts as research.

*Speaking of shoes, I need an outfit to go with my new pair.

*Dragon scales. Yes, dragon scales. Definite possibilities there. Can I combine that series with the fae Bounty Hunter or will that water them both down?

*Who dies in the last Harry Potter book?

*I should probably dust my house.


*I miss Paul and Kelly. Saturday. They come back Saturday.

*Would my hubby freak if I put pretty green streaks in my hair for the month of October?

*I really should clean my shower.

*I need to think of a really cool name for ______ in Alexa's story.

*What is the point of goats, anyway?

*Shoot, I forgot to buy a birthday present for ______.

*I need to ride a Harley at least once. For research. Can I ride a Harley in gorgeous strappy diamond crusted stilettos?

*You only live once.

*Maybe I should just get up and write another chapter. I have to finish this book so I can start on the next and get some of these voices to be quiet.

*I am so not cleaning my shower tomorrow. It's Friday, July 6th. That's like National You Don't Have To Clean Your Shower Day or something.

*Can't wait to see the new Harry Potter film.

*Can't wait to go to sleep.

*I'll make a deal with myself. Either I go to sleep in the next ten minutes or I just get up and clean my shower.



  1. I'm all for you getting up and doing another chapter. I really, REALLY want to buy this book.

    Finish it up and sell it already!

    You could do your book tour in leopard print stilettos!!

  2. psh, of course shoe shopping counts as research. And I'm almost sure it's bordering on blasphemy if you don't at least window shop shoe stores if you visit New York. If you live there I understand avoiding the temptation since being broke is not fun, lol.

    Sure you'd have gorgeous shoes but no money to go out and show them off.

    haha, have you ever written a truly awesome chapter when you were pretty much high on fatigue? Like your mind can't shut down and you're so inspired you should be able to bottle that up and save it for another day? On the flip side sometimes writing at night leads to you going in the morning when you've re-read that piece of brillance; 'wth? in which part of the world would eating chocolate and ketchup covered cheetos seem like a good idea?'

    haha, and I agree with mayberry tuesday. Haha, or a different shoe for each city you hit up then have a special shoe log for your tour.

    -snorts- ha, we're planning your tour and you haven't even sold your book yet.

  3. I have had more than one "get up in the middle of the night suddenly inspired by brilliance".

    Alexa came to me at 3 am after months of brainstorming.

    On the flip-side, I've had what I thought were INCREDIBLE ideas that, on close examination in the morning, turned out to be horrible bits of tripe.

    Oh well.

    As for the shoe/book tour - I love it!! I've seen authors do gimmicks/merchandise at conferences and signings to promote their books. I was thinking stiletto tattoos, bookmarks, or magnets.

    But again, I have to sell the book first. =)

  4. Hmmm I've always wondered what it would be like to be inside the mine of C.J... and now I know.

    My mistake.

    Lol, I'm just kidding!! I love it! Also, I would totally pimp a little stiletto tattoo that had "C.J." written on it somewhere. No doubt.


  5. Thanks, Opal!! I know you're up for anything (at least once, especially if it isn't permanent!).

    Jage - I like the shoe log for the book tour! I can post pics on the blog w/shoes I wore at each destination.

    Now, how to convince my publisher that I need to do a 50 city tour and my hubby that I need 30 new pairs of shoes...

    That would be tax deductible, right?

  6. All those things...geez, scary how much it reminds me of what I do at night when I'm trying to sleep!

  7. It's that whole shared brain waves thing.


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