Saturday, July 14, 2007

He's Square - The Shape of EVIL!

I borrowed the title line from an episode of SpongeBob where Plankton is trying to convince Patrick that SpongeBob is not his friend so that Patrick will compete against him in the Fry Cook Games. That line always makes me laugh.

Anyway, the next post down is a very interesting exercise I did with my friend Malystryx and I think I've discovered a great way to thoroughly understand my characters and to find new/unlikely villains by doing this exercise on other people I know (not on a public forum like Malystryx and I agreed to do but on my own.)

I learned that I have a pretty accurate understanding of Malystryx's personality and that I can shape his personality to fit either hero or villain, depending on his upbringing and morals.

I could do this with other friends and find what would motivate them and how they would act if they were evil...I can see a whole range of new possibilities on the character horizon in my books. Thoroughly understanding others and what shapes them, motivates them etc. is the foundation of writing strong characters.

This was fun and educational. I've discovered a new weapon in my writer's arsenal.

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  1. I've been experimenting a lot with characters who may or may not be "evil."

    It fascinates me to blur the edges. To have characters who aren't completely one or the other but who are motivated perhaps by things the reader/or the hero doesn't understand.

    Alternately I'm on the quest for the perfect villain. The one who just chills the blood while you're reading and gives you nightmares.



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