Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Favorite Quotes!

I love quotes. I have a huge book full of quotes. Most of my favorites are serious stuff.

However, I have three new favorites, recently acquired.

One, from Dragonheart: "She's a - a - a Wandering Idiot!"

The second, from Eddie Izzard's riff on the Death Star Canteen where Darth Vader announces: "Death by Tray it shall be!"

The last, acquired today, from Plankton (the evil nemesis on SpongeBob): "This is a job for an imbecile!"

Shouldn't be too hard to work those into everyday conversations.


  1. lol

    I'm gonna use the "She's a Wandering Idiot" line whenever I see my boss go through the office.

    quietly, of course.

  2. Death by tray. *laughs* I actually used that on someone the other day.


  3. *grins*

    As a waitress, I use the "Death by tray" line nearly every day...



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