Monday, July 16, 2007

Which Death Eater Are You?

My hubby got into the spirit of EVIL this weekend as we discussed how to turn our friends into authentic villains for the sake of building characters and he had a very interesting idea. (Well, interesting to those of us who adore Harry Potter.)

He and I spent several minutes discussing the different Death Eaters and which ones we would be. (again, if we were raised without conscience)

Feel free to join the discussion.


1. Tom Riddle: the early version of Lord Voledemort, Tom was smooth, handsome, and charming with a thirst for power and a taste for revenge. He manipulated others into doing his bidding - either offering them a "place" in his inner circle or by terrorizing them with the consequences of disobedience. He hid his penchant for evil from most authority figures because he was very skilled at presenting only what he others wanted to see. He was also a long-term planner, always thinking of ways to ensure his immortality and his chosen place in this world.

2. Lucius Malfoy: a consumate elitist, Lucius joined Voldemort because he embraced the ideal of pureblood superiority and because he wanted a taste of power. Lucius enjoys causing petty discomfort and pain to others and abused every shred of power given him (witness his threatening the council at Hogwarts in order to overthrow Dumbledore). He doesn't really hide his evil intentions, but glosses over them with a thin veneer of civility. He is a follower of Voldemort less because he is a rabid believer than because Voldemort offers a sense of superiority over others. When Voldemort is seemingly destroyed by the infant Harry Potter, Lucius lies convincingly to get out of a stint in Azkaban and then uses Tom Riddle's diary to his own ends, rather than save it for the Dark Lord he no longer believed had any power. For Lucius, his own skin always comes first.

3. Peter Pettigrew: the spineless follower, Pettigrew (or Wormtail) does Voldemort's bidding because he is too cowardly to say no. He would never dream of standing up for truth or justice. It isn't in him to risk his own skin. He gets no respect from Voldemort but Wormtail doesn't need respect as long as he can keep his life. He serves Voldemort faithfully in the capacity of servant, his mannerisms reminiscent of a beaten dog.

4. Belatrix LeStrange: the fanatical believer, Belatrix is a devoted, loyal follower. She accepts everything Voldemort says and obeys him without question. When she is sent to Azkaban, it never occurs to her to lie about her allegiance to avoid prison. Instead, she proudly proclaims that she will be honored to be in Azkaban for the sake of her lord. She is extremely dangerous because she acts on Voldemort's behalf with no thought to saving her reputation or her skin.

5. Fenir Grayback: the werewolf who deliberately infects children with his disease and who aligns himself with Voldemort, not because he respects Voldemort but because he hates everyone else. Fenir is evil because he enjoys it. He does what Voldemort wants if it suits his own purposes but mostly continues his plan to infect as many werewolves as possible. He has no conscience, no reluctance, and indeed, enjoys causing pain.

6. Voldemort: driven by a lust for power, for immortality, and for revenge, Voldemort (the older version of Tom Riddle) will stop at nothing to achieve his own ends. Surrounding himself with followers to do his bidding, he is the puppet master behind the increasing evil wreaking havoc on the magical community. He uses whatever he has to use to get his way: lies, fear, seductive promises, destruction - anything. He is a master at controlling others but he cares nothing for their fates. The only one he has ever cared about is himself. He wants to destroy Harry Potter because Potter once stopped him and because he wants to be believed by all to be the most powerful wizard who ever lived.

I've left Snape off this list because I don't believe him to be a true Death Eater. If you think you'd be like Snape, however, by all means put his description in your comment and let us know.

My hubby and I decided that if we were evil, I would be Tom Riddle and he would be Fenir Grayback.

Who are you?


  1. I'd be Belatrix LeStrange. If you're going to do something, might as well do it completely.

  2. I think besides the smooth and handsome part, I'd be the same as you. Tom. I do have a thirst for power, of sorts. I could be good at manipualtion, with a strong will, its easy. I am not very good at presenting only what others want to see, because what I am, I show. But if immortality were real, I would by any end possible achieve it.

  3. Well, now, mayberry, you're kind of scaring me... =) Actually, I believe the same thing. I'm just not very good at taking orders.

    Malystryx - you would be smooth and handsome and you would show people what they wanted to see as long as that was part of the game you were playing to achieve power.

    Very interesting.

  4. I think I'd be Lucius. He's pretty smart. He keeps his neck out of trouble (well, except for book 6) and he plays both sides of the coin. Safety is better than total allegiance.

  5. *grins* I'm with Mayberry. I'd be Belatrix LeStrange.

    That's purely on flipping around my own code of ethics into something twisted. Since I'm fiercely loyal to my friends/family as it stands now - were I to have no conscience it would stand to reason I'd act similarly with respect to being evil.

    In other words. I'm crazy, but you can count on me. :D


  6. Interesting stuff...Malystryx as Tom Riddle...I don't know. I'm holding out hope that JK Rowling will go in a slightly different direction with book 7 and introduce a new villain. Maybe someone like an evil Wonder we're getting more into your territory! :-)

  7. Ouch. Malystryx might find out where you live and come for you in the middle of the night.

    That's a scary thought.

  8. Be afraid "grayback", be very afraid...

  9. What are you going to do Malystryx? Blind me with your braclet bling and tie me up with your lasso? :-)

  10. *mumbles...Something along those lines...* But I will make it a VERY frightening expirience!


  11. I would definetly be Belatrix LeStrange! Of course!

  12. I'd soo be either Tom or Bellatrix.

  13. Bellatrix LeStrange: she is Amazing! ok i completely agree with her, being loyal is something you have to be good at to be a true death eater. Being loyal and crazy is what it's all about. If you don't want to take a risk, or if you're too scared,don't bother. The Lord Voldemort has better things to do with his time.

  14. I'd be Bellatrix. A bit psycho but absolutely loyal. I do have my "moments".

  15. I'd Be Tom Riddle Of Course. I am very good at hidding my true abitions from the world. And if there was a chance for me to grasp onto imortality i would stop at nothing to get it. Not even those close to me would matter after that. haha!!!

  16. I would be Lord Voldemort. No question about it.
    It is true that I will do whatever necessary to achieve my goal. Its all just a means to the ultimate end.
    I can also be very manipulative when I want and I do tend to play some mind games with people to get what I want.

  17. Oh yes, Bellatrix's my girl! My favorite character in the whole series and I am like her in the fact that I am very lyal to thoise that matter the greatest to me and I've had many people tell me that I'm insane. If I ever got the chance to meet any character, WHATSOEVER, she would be on the top of my list. Crazy, psychotic, loyal, killer girls are the best kind of girls! POWER TO THE VILLAINS, AYE-YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!!
    *Smirk* >=D


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