Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mal's Birthday Cake

My hubby made Mal (aka bluedragoon25) an awesome birthday cake! The sword is buried in an anvil with emeralds exploding out of it. The Chinese characters on the side stand for "Strength and Honor", the name of Mal's blog.


  1. I was really hoping for a Wonder Woman cake!

  2. Ha! We threatened him with a WW cake but in the end, we didn't have the heart to go through with it.

  3. You didn't have the heart to go through with it because you knew better. And "mom", you might wanna be careful, I have a lasso and I'm not afraid to use it.

  4. Oh I "knew better", did I?


    I have a very interesting photo I may just have to post now...

  5. Is that a real sword? Or is it all cake?

    Very cool.

    I too was hoping for Wonder Woman bust, though.

  6. The sword is not cake, but it was made out of edible material. The jewels are all molded sugar.

    Next year it'll have to be Wonder Woman.

  7. Grayback, I think you know better too. =)

  8. Maybe Wonder Woman sitting on a muffin...hmmmmm....


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