Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I'm Grateful For Today

1. For my incredible, hard-working husband who is having a "non-stop" day that started twelve hours ago and has no end in sight - but who still made time to meet me for lunch because he loves me.

2. For the 2 1/2 ft. poster of the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow that I found on sale at Blockbuster. For the sister poster that features Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth "Hide-The-Rum" Swan. Aye, matey.

3. For friends who keep in touch with me and forgive me when I take forever to get back to them.

4. For the gift of writing.

5. For the ironing pile....oh, nevermind, that's a lie. I HATE ironing.

6. For my boys.

7. For my daughter whose arrival comes closer by the month.

8. For my sense of humor.

9. For a library full of truly excellent books.

10. For feeling confident that I'm where I should be in life.


  1. Maybe you should put the poster of the delicious Captain Jack in front of the ironing board to provide the inspiration you need...

  2. Or maybe put the rum near the ironing pile! :-)

  3. Oh you really DO want to kill me, don't you?

    Rum + C.J. + Hot Iron = Certain Death

  4. Whys the rum gone? CAUSE CJ DRANK IT ALL! Nah. kidding. But yeah, I neevr iron, its always the dryer for my wrinkly clothes. Is that lazy? No wait, dont answer that.


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