Friday, August 31, 2007

Turning Over A New Leaf

New Things I've Tried Recently:

1. Fried frog legs (at the insistence of Mal who truly doesn't take "no" for an answer unless you just walk away...I am patently unable to walk away from a challenge - a fact he uses shamelessly).

2. Overnight date night with my hubby

3. Gourmet international cheeses

4. Keeping a straight face

5. Contact lenses

6. Driving the speed limit and coming to a full and complete stop at stop signs.

7. A new movie genre (based on video games that I've never heard of but oh well)

The Results:

1. Not half as bad as I expected but not nearly good enough to justify the price. Tastes a lot like rubbery chicken.

2. =) When can we go again? =)

3. Switzerland makes the most incredible cheese - sbinz. Yum!!

4. Why do I even bother?

5. Despite the occasional finger to the eye and folded lense slipping beneath my lid whose removal requires a small act of God, I love them. So much better than glasses. Now, to get one that look like cat's eyes....

6. Ummm, actually, I'd rather not talk about this one.

7. Pretty entertaining. So far, the movies have either completely captured my interest or they've been just cheesy enough to make it fun to mock. Either way works for me.


  1. 1. No thank you. Mal can keep this with his potted meat.

    2. Sounds romantic.

    3. Never tried cheeses from Switzerland before. Tried England. Won't make that mistake again.

    4. I doubt you'll ever truly master this one!

    5. Definitely get the cat's eyes. Shocking others is compensation for sticking yourself in the eye every morning.

    6. I bet Mal has something to say about this one.

    7. Movies based on video games? Like anime?

  2. No, not anime. Like Underworld (which I THINK was based on a video game but maybe not...and Resident Evil which was)

    I am very undereducated on video games like these as they just don't interest me much but if the story-line and characters are solid, I'll watch the movie and give it a try.

  3. And Mal has NOTHING to say about #6 at all.


  4. And you still have one movie in that new genre you gotta watch sometime. It is, by far, my favorite video game in THE WORLD. Therefore, the movie at automatically great too. Final Fantasy VII, if you're interested, google it and check out the story. It has one of the most intricate stories Ive ever heard and the best music too. And its a video game! Amazing.

  5. And next time you "go again", dont text me. Ever. Okay? Thanks. =)

    I like to keep my food down.

  6. Sorry, Mal. I don't make promises I know I can't keep. =)


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