Friday, October 26, 2007


Some interesting questions asked of me at work lately. They didn't really leave me speechless but the sarcastic response I wanted to give had to be swallowed in the interest of keeping my job. ;)

"My BLT is only bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Where's the meat?"

"Does your sweet tea have sugar in it?"

"I know it says you only have biscuits and cornbread but could I please have rolls instead?"

And my personal favorite:

"Do your salads come with lettuce?"

Truly, I am amazed that some people remember how to breathe.


  1. This chicken tastes like it was cooked in grease! ...duh...

  2. Lol! I forgot about the woman who didn't want her French Toast to taste like it was dipped in egg...

    um, you DO know the definition of French Toast, don't you?

  3. no no...what is the difference between grilled and fried? I heard that one on Monday.

  4. I never knew the salad had lettuce in it?!! Where have I been?!!?

  5. It is quite funny some of the things people ask of us i was asked on thusday if the pecan pies had nuts in them pecans are nuts. PS i have posted a new blog

  6. Yes, lettuce in our salads is a new thing we're trying! I'll let you know if it catches on.

    I had someone once ask if the chocolate cobbler had nuts in it. I said, "yes, they're baked in it." She said, "well, I'd like one without nuts please."

    I said, "Sure! I'll bring out the cobbler, you pick out the nuts."

    Geez, people.


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