Monday, November 12, 2007

Contest News

Good news! DYING TO REMEMBER made it into the Breakthrough Novel Contest first round.

I wasn't worried about this one...entered early and my novel avoided their list of "don'ts" (is that a word? is now).

The official word came in tonight, though, and that's nice to have because the grand prize is a whopper: a $25,000 advance (non-refundable), a contract with a top publisher, and tons of publicity from Amazon.

My critique partner, K.B. Wagers, entered a novel and it was accepted into the first round as well so Congratulatons K.B.!!

The semi-finalists will be determined after read-throughs by publishers and other book reviewers and semi-finalists will be notified by (which means smack on the date of) January 15th, 2008.

Nothing to do now but wait to hear from them, finish Alexa and send it out, and work on the sequel to DYING TO REMEMBER.

Any suggestions on a great title using the word "fate" in it somewhere? ;)


  1. Congratulations C.J. and K.B.!

    Can't wait to vote for you.

  2. "Fate and Beans"

    "As Fate Would Have It"

    "It's My Fate, so Back Off!"

    "Running From Fate"

    "Fate in Heels"

    "Fate You"

    "Fate Rising"

    "Fate Martini"

    "Heroic Fate"

    "Fate and Shenanigans"

    "Turner and Fate"

    "This Fate's for You"

    "Opps, I Fated"

    *hmmm...looking around at bookshelf for more inspiration...*

    "The Fate of Shannara"

    Wait...I really think I might have a decent one...

    "Shadows of Fate"

  3. By the way, I'm not anonymous anymore! Yay!

  4. Oh I love "Oops, I Fated"!!! LOL

    Might have something there with shadows and fate, though...

    And darn that Christina Dowd for stealing "Trouble in High Heels". That would have been perfect!


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