Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feeling Slightly Homicidal?

So Monday, my hubby made me go back to the Dr. since I wasn't really getting much better. The Dr. decided I should take steroids for five days to really give me a boost and get the infection out of my lungs.

Unfortunately, these aren't the steroids that build muscle. I might have been on board with that.

These are steroids that apparently don't really affect 98% of the population, other than giving them energy and helping them recover.

We all know when it comes to putting substances in my body, I am not like 98% of the population.

I took these steroids once before. I had a solid headache for three of the five days and when I finished the drug, I was slightly homicidal for the next two days.

By "slightly", I mean I avoided killing anyone because everyone around me had the good sense to take one look at my face and run in the opposite direction. I was Attitude with a healthy side of Edginess.

Not a great combination for a wife, mom, and waitress (some man out there is still breathing today simply because another waitress convinced me I couldn't shove a ribeye down someone's throat without losing my job).

So, I took most of what I was supposed to take yesterday and guess what?? Headache the entire day. I've decided it's not worth it. I'm starting to feel better anyway. And I don't really want to test my resolve to stay out of prison by finishing off the course and then crashing again.

Besides, the day I would finish is Sunday and I have to teach 3 year olds in Sunday School and then have 20 people over for dinner that night. No way everyone would come out of that in one piece.



  1. Hahahaha. LMAO at that picture. I've heard those steroids have that effect on some people.

    Although a slightly homicidal C.J. with 20 people over for dinner might make for some very interesting blogs...

  2. When I had pneumonia, I saw a p-sychiatrist...okay, how often do you really get to use a Buggs Bunny line in real life...

    Anyway, I was on steroids for a bit, but what really helped was the home nebulizer (it sounds a lot more interesting than it really is).

  3. I've been using an inhaler every 4 hours for the last week now and it helps some. =) Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. They had me on an inhaler, but it didn't help at all. I ended up having only 50% lung capacity, so the nebulizer really was a life saver.

    I really hope that you feel better. I'm glad your hubby is taking care of you.


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