Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Honestly, People...

Another entry in the continuing Saga of Stupidity at work:

A man asked if he could just buy half a piece of pie.

Well, no, you can't.

He was angry. He wanted half a piece of pie, doggonit, and who were we to tell him no? What kind of restaurant doesn't serve half-sized portions of their desserts?

Ummm, pretty much every restaurant.

But, he insisted, he really wanted just half a piece of pie. $2.99 was too much to pay for a single dessert.

My response?

"Sure thing, sir. You can have half a piece of pie. That will be $2.99."

"But the whole piece of pie is $2.99!!" He said.

"Yes, well, as I may have mentioned one or three times already in this conversation, we only sell pie by the entire slice."

"But you said I could have half a piece!"

"You can. I'll bring out the pie. You eat whichever half you choose. Everyone's happy."

Oddly enough, he chose not to order any dessert. Maybe he'll have better luck at McDonald's ordering half a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. I'm sure they'd be much more accommodating.

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  1. Un-frickin-believable what some people will say.

    How many times do you "accidentally" spill on people you wait on just to make a point?


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