Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Uncouth Can You Be?

So last night was our company's Christmas party. This means several long tables of buffet style food. We had everything ready and called all the employees and their families to get in line and start filling their plates.

One of our newer employees was at the head of the line. I watched in complete amazement as she went through all three tables of food, filled her plate, and then grabbed a chair and pulled it up to ONE OF THE BUFFET TABLES, shoved her plate in between pans of food, and started eating.

Who does that?

We have an entire dining room full of available seats and you sit and eat where others need to get their food?

People were passing by her, staring, and NO ONE was taking food from the dishes right next to her plate. I decided to fix that situation so when I approached the table, I started moving the dishes away from her immediate vicinity. As I reached beside her to shove another casserole dish to the left, she belched.

I don't mean she burped.

I don't mean she quietly hiccuped.

I mean she belched.

At me.

And then looked at me and said, "Oops, that one got away from me."


Words fail.


  1. Oh wow. That's almost as bad as our company's annual dinner two years ago when an associate's wife kept picking meat out of the caterer's pan with her fingers and then licking them.

  2. so thats what the future employees of our store a re coming to how fun i hope you do not have to train her lol but you are the number one trainer lol so you may have to lol love ya and if you do have to train her i will have a gas mask in the car for you lol

  3. This person serves food? Make sure she's never my server when I'm there!

  4. That's disgusting! Is she just unsocialized? A couple of my employees at work were obviously not well socialized growing up and I have had to gently coach them on things like personal hygiene and how to interact with their coworkers.

  5. Lucky me I was there to witness all of this. I'm sure there's more in store for us as far as she goes. She was coughing in the ice bin on Tuesday.

  6. Oh we really have to just call her out on everything. She can't work in our restaurant and be disgusting. I won't have it.


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