Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday's Update

I'd like to say that this post is the start of a new habit - posting an update every Monday on where I'm at with, well with blog, remember? - but because that indicates I would actually remember to post this every Monday, I'm not going to commit to it.

I have enough on my plate as it is. =)

But here it is:


I'm still sick with pnemonia, a fact that frustrates me enormously. I don't make a very patient sick person. How can I? There's so much to do and I have to just sit in bed all day and rest. Fortunately, my hubby did absolutely everything around here all weekend (left me a nice clean house today!) and I got to rest so hopefully I'll be up and around again in a couple days.

What a boring topic. On to something better.

Books I'm Currently Reading:

CREATION IN DEATH by J.D. Robb. Can't wait to gobble those up as soon as they hit the market. It's one of the only series I buy in hardback because I can't stand to wait for paperback.

HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE by my friend Jeaniene Frost - the book (her first) came out last week and hit #23 on the NYT's bestseller's list. That is a HUGE accomplishment!


I'll be finished with Alexa Tate Book One (yes, yes, that's the current title...I told you I stink at titles but my critique partner is helping me) by Friday. I'm thrilled because the plot twisted into an entirely unexpected direction last night and I realized I'd set myself up for it nicely all along. I love it when my brain is working without my knowledge. :)

I'm also working on DYING TO PUNISH, the sequel to DYING TO REMEMBER (see? once I have one title in the series, the rest are easy) which is the novel that is a) under final consideration with a publisher and b) entered into's Breakthrough Novel Contest. I like where this is going too...very creepy villain. My favorite kind.

Current Musical Obsessions:

RED - End of Silence: by far one of the best albums I've ever heard. Ever.

BATMAN BEGINS - Soundtrack: haunting and interesting and what I listen to now while I write.

EVANESCENCE - Origin: I listen to something from Evanescence every day. Now I'm exploring the older stuff.

On My Calendar:

Thursday: Girl's Night In at my house with four of my close girlfriends.
Sometime Soon: Thanksgiving shopping and planning for my hubby's upcoming birthday.
Sometime Sooner: Figure out what everyone is wearing for our family portrait this coming Monday.

And that concludes this Monday's update.


  1. If you like Evanescence, you should check out Lacuna Coil. Very similar, but a much better band.

  2. I listen to Lacuna Coil too but don't like to listen to them on a daily basis.

    Another similar band you might like is Within Temptation. Just released a new record and it's good.

  3. I have a subcription to Rhapsody, so I will have to check them out.

    Why do you like Evanescence better than Lacuna Coil? I realize this is my own opinion, but I think they have a better sound.

    Are you a Chevelle fan? (I realize just because you live in Podunk USA you don't have to be a muscle car fan, so I mean the band.)

  4. Oh crap! The photo shoot is Monday!? Man, time flies when you're not paying attention!

  5. Hmm...Nashville is Podunk, USA?

    Never knew that.

    Not a huge Chevelle fan. Mal (bluedragoon25) likes them and I sometimes listen to them with him but not on my own. A little too "pop" for my personal taste.

    As for Evanescence vs. Lacuna Coil - I love Amy Lee's voice and her songs have a beauty and intricate harmony that I don't find with Lacuna Coil. Also, I enjoy the lyrics with Evanescence better.

    One of the things I love about art is there is so much room for everyone's taste. = )

  6. Evanescence is the best. No doubt. But Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation rock too. But now cj... you just said chevelle was...poppy? we have some issues buddy. they are just like breaking benjamin in my opinion. =)

  7. I'm with Mal. Chevelle is not poppy at all...but what does she know? How many concussions has she had? A lot more than she included in her post a while back. Let me know if you want details....

  8. Paul - you're right. I was thinking of Cartel. How many bands have you shown me in the last three months?? 249?

    You'll forgive me for getting them confused.

    And by the way, don't call me "buddy". That's worse than "missy", which you KNOW makes me twitch.

    Buddy is like a dog's name or a really annoying guy friend or that redneck in overalls with a six pack of Bud, a shotgun, and no teeth.

    And I knew you had my back on Evanescence. :)


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