Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The State Of Things

This afternoon, in a routine inspection of the upstairs, I had the grave misfortune of wandering into my boys' bathroom.

One look around and it was clear I was viewing the aftermath of what happens when you combine a dreamer, a scientist, and a daredevil with unlimited access to water, toothpaste, and, umm, the product of various bodily functions.

Here is what I saw:

1 tub FULL of murky, sudsy water.

1 toilet FULL of...well, full. Let's leave it at that.

1 empty toilet paper roll tossed in the general direction of the trashcan.

1 counter streaked with toothpaste, calamine lotion, and wet strips of kleenx.

2 sinks creatively decorated in toothpaste, pencil shavings, and toys.

3 instances of clear evidence that the toilet paper ran out before the need for toilet paper was filled.

4 instances of clear evidence that while the perpetrator might have been aiming to spit his mouthful of toothpaste into the sink, he missed. By a mile.

7 handprints of the filthy variety located on the lightswitch, the door, and the mirror.

19 pieces of paper located in the general area of the trashcan without actually being in the trashcan.

256 tiny legos inexplicably dumped over the ENTIRE bathroom floor.

And people wonder why I hear voices in my head and talk to myself. It's that or Prozac, people. Take your pick.


  1. *laughs til she cries*

    No wonder you have such a great sense of humour. It's self preservation.

  2. For entertainment purposes only, you took pictures right? haha

  3. There you go, Paul. Picture proof. ;)

  4. kids you gotta love them maybe max in cali was easier to clean up after lol

  5. Ha. What makes you think I cleaned up after them??

    In this house, you make a mess like that, you jolly well get to clean it up.

  6. *laughs* I'm nominating you for sainthood. Or for the next spot on Dirty Jobs, I'm not sure yet which.


  7. LOL! Dirty Jobs it is. I'm certainly no saint. :)

  8. i hear that maybe you should come to my house and make the kids here clean after themselves for me

  9. LMAO, I would've just closed the door and gone to eat chocolate, hahah.

    Wait until they hit 13/14 and they tell you if it bothers you so much just don't look. hahah, tried that on my mom once and she didn't make me leave the house until everything was cleaned. And she actually checked under the bed and in the closet to make sure things were put away properly.

  10. Where's the during and after picture? During and after the clean up?


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