Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Like Caffeine - On Steroids

Reasons why I shouldn't drink caffeine:

1. My hands shake.

2. It goes straight to the part of my brain whose sole function it is to control rational thought processes.

3. I tend to find everything extremely funny. I do mean everything.

4. I give new meaning to the term "motor-mouth".

Reasons why I shouldn't drink caffeine right after taking an energy-inducing steroid:

1. Forget my hands shaking - my whole body vibrates like a tuning fork.

2. Rational thought processes, like volume control and the ability to blink without developing an unsightly twitch, fly right out the window.

3. People find me extremely funny. Or terrifying, depending on their tolerance for the wierd.

4. Motor-mouth morphs into the equivalent of OhandIjustthoughtofonemorethingtosaybutthenitflewoutmybrainjustlikethatbecausewowI'mfeelinghyperandthatcan'tbeagoodthingbutthenagainmaybeitisandWOOOOOOOOO.

10 pts. if you can dicipher that last sentence.

50 pts if you were within range Tuesday night and experienced it in person.

100 pts if you said WOOOOOOO back at me. =)


  1. Oh and I just thought of one more thing to say but then it flew out my brain just like that because wow I'm feeling hyper and that can't be a good thing but then again maybe it is and WOOOOOOOOO(!)

    Don't ask me why I took the time to decipher it. I'm at work and bored out of my mind.

    Oh, and I just had a double shot of a caffine. You know the ones that come in a small can. That's how you know they are lethal.

  2. I was there to experience this! haha! We were both very much caffeinated!! What fun it was!!!

  3. Ha!

    Mel - 10 pts (and welcome to the blog!)

    Kai - 160 pts for earning the whole package (and we really should look into those caffeine patches! Get 'em V-shaped, of course.)


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