Friday, December 14, 2007

Lesson Learned

So today I decided I'd recovered enough from my bout with pneumonia to take a brisk walk through my neighborhood. I pulled on my running shoes, plugged in the headphones for my ipod, and left the house.

These were all good ideas.

I turned my ipod on as I walked across the yard and Evanescence began playing.

This was also a good idea.

I decided I wanted to listen to a different album so I looked down at the ipod screen and scrolled through my musical choices while still walking across my yard.

This was a really bad idea.

We have trees in our yard.

We had a tree directly in my path.

I know this now because I walked straight into the tree and managed to body slam the poor defenseless plant with one toe, both knees, my chest, and the top of my head (looking down, remember?).

The tree didn't care. I can't say the same for my body.

So far, any potential neighborhood witnesses have failed to come forward.


  1. DANG! Why can't I ever see stuff like this happen??? Haha. After I make sure you're ok, I will laugh at you, for a long time...hah

  2. Ah yes, the response of a true friend. *snickers*

  3. Did it go out on a limb, and ask you to leaf it alone?

    Jen / Avy =D

  4. No but it barked at me to branch out a little next time. =D

  5. Why is it that this doesn't surprise me one bit? :-)

  6. I have absolutely no idea.

    *gives a cheeky little grin*


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