Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Random Wednesday List

Just because:

1. Paul made me snort a crumb of pumpkin bread (okay, it's a possibility that I just need more practice swallowing but he's a handy target. I blame him) and I have to say that having a crumb of anything lodged firmly in one's sinus cavity is most uncomfortable.

2. I really love the movie Unleashed starring Jet Li.

3. We now have six foot tall penguins on a sled in our yard. It's considered cute.

4. Our Christmas tree is beautiful.

5. I tried turnip greens (for those of you who don't live in the South, that's kind of like cooked spinach with bacon in it) and I surprised myself by enjoying them.

6. Still won't touch okra though.

7. My dog is one big lazy baby. He even lays down to eat his food.

8. There should be a mandatory age cut off for yanking driver's licenses. Like, before age 90.

9. I'm getting stocking stuffers for the kids tonight. =)

10. My mom was once treed by a herd of pigs when she was a child.

11. I've never been treed by anything but I've been spit on by a llama, kicked in the head by a horse, and knocked over by a sheep. A really fat sheep.

12. I don't actually care for barnyard animals up close.

13. Bumper cars would be so much more fun if you could actually speed up before you rammed someone.

14. Daredevil was listening to one of the cds my hubby and I got a decade ago (Supertones) and singing along in his room. It was fun to listen to.

15. I really love every single Christmas-scented candle I've come across.

16. My birthday arrives in a month and three days, followed by Starshine's five days later.

17. I really really love the color red.

18. Not so big on purple though. Or chartruese. Or puce. Puce. Even the name sounds frightfully unattractive.

19. I've become known at work as the girl who can instantly come up with vividly creative death threats.

20. Contrary to some people's opinions, this does not make me psycho. It validates my wide streak of creativity and my lightning fast, never-really-silent mouth.


  1. lightning fast, never-really-silent mouth

    Amen. =)

  2. Your death threats are very frightening, I think I've had some nightmares involving them lately. I kid, I kid.

  3. Kai - they are a little scary, aren't they? *grins* But you know you love it.

    Katy - Yes indeed! Same day as Elvis. Perhaps that's why I have a shoe fetish?

    Paul - *wall face, silent mouth*....I heard that and God doesn't accept praise for things like this.

  4. Hm. It's like Paul has a death wish.

  5. *Kai wonders*....CJ on caffeine...death threats..turned reality? Oh no....


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