Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toy Nostalgia

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So last night I was lying in bed and for reasons I couldn't possibly explain, I started thinking about some of my favorite toys from when I was little. Some of them I don't think I could find anymore, except maybe on Ebay (and I might look for them, once I have my daughter!)

Here's my list, feel free to add your own!

1. The Fisher Price record player.

2. My bright pink hula hoop. I don't want to brag, or anything, but I was good. Really good. I could start it on my neck, go out to each of my arms, and then send it up and down my body. I was pretty proud of that. =)

3. My entire Strawberry Shortcake collection, complete with the trolley and the bakery. My only regret is that I never owned Sour Grapes.

4. A set of play dishes with a yellow daisy in the center and swirly edges.

5. Friendship pins (okay, I know it's not a toy but hey, deal). This was before the days of the bedazzler and all those fancy "make your own beaded jewelry" kits and before parents freaked out about their kids having access to things like safety pins...We would string a few colored beads onto a safety pin and give it to our best friends who would then proudly wear them pinned to the front of their shoelaces. (not the part that flops around, the part that's laced in)

6. My Miss Piggy puppet. All the excuse I needed to run around screaming "Hi-yah!" at everyone.

7. My WonderWoman underoos. It took a little finesse to undress while spinning in circles but I managed it (mostly).

8. Our little black and white tv on which I would watch, without fail, The Dukes of Hazaard. (until the day I came home from school and my dad had thrown out the tv. Didn't get a replacement until I was in high school. It was good for me.)

So what's yours?

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