Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday's List (on a Tuesday)

1. Seeing Paul snort milk was the highlight of my weekend.

2. Seeing Mad Money with Kailani and Dusty was fun too.

3. Hubby is sick.

4. Starshine is sick.

5. The Scientist is sick.

6. How long can Daredevil and I hold out?

7. I'm getting much better at the Smarty Pants game.

8. 24 reviews up on amazon for my novel.

9. 23 of them are 5 star.

10. I think the leading entry has 40 at the moment so I need to catch up. =)

11. I don't care about the outcome of this year's SuperBowl.

12. I'm almost completely caught up on laundry (quick! snap a picture so we can all remember this moment!)

13. The latests news from our adoption agency puts our referral (her picture and info and permission to travel) at July now instead of May.

14. I expect we'll have another delay or two before we go.

15. Starshine was so thrilled to receive a set of Captain Underpants books for his birthday.

16. I think they might be kindred spirits.

17. I work the next four nights in a row.

18. Let's hope the uncouth, irritating, and downright stingy stay home this week.

19. Paul has a suit of armor standing in my living room.

20. We recently discovered the suit of armor has "Mexico" stamped in rather large letters on one of his gauntlets.

21. Over much vociferous protesting from Paul, we named the knight Juan Pedro.

22. While Paul was out on Sunday, we dressed Juan Pedro in various hats and sent pictures to Paul.

23. Juan Pedro wore a Cat in the Hat hat and swore he did not like green eggs and ham.

24. He wore my halloween witch's hat and a pink hoodie and said "Juan? or Juanita? Juan Pedro feels conflicted."

25. And my personal favorite: He wore a cowboy hat and told Paul "Juan Pedro thinks your tractor's sexy."

26. Paul has promised certain, imminent, and even immediate death to us all.

27. We're still breathing.


  1. You need to dress juan pedro in a 1985 prom dress and a put a wig on him . how scary would that be a 1985 prom dress i mean.


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